Win A TiVo HD – The Next Site Giveaway Begins NOW

Now that the logo design contest is over, it is time for another giveaway. And this time we’re pulling out the big guns and giving away a TiVo HD!1

I’ll accept entries until midnight EST Friday, April 18th – that’s one week from now. Entering is simple – leave a comment on this post with a link to a previous, non-giveaway, comment you’ve left on the blog – since May 20, 2007. (That’s the first WordPress post.) That’s a comment made before this post – so before midnight EST Friday, April 11th. The time stamp on your comment is the link you need – like this. You can just post the URL, but it is neater if you use HTML links. For those who don’t know HTML, thusly: <a href=’′>like this</a>. Obviously you’d use your comment link URL and not that one. :-) One entry per user, please.

Also, you MUST enter a valid email address in the email box when you comment. That is how I will contact the winner to get their shipping info. I won’t even consider entries without a valid email address. Don’t worry, they aren’t used for anything else.

The list at the bottom of this page may help you find your old comments. Remember, you can continue to donate TiVo Rewards Referral points through April 28, 2008. I still have enough points for at least one more major giveaway, perhaps more, before the TiVo Rewards program ends on May 28, 2008 – but the more points that are donated, the more giveaways there will be. And remember to be an active commenter if you want a chance to win.

1If you already have a TiVo HD or a Series3 you can optionally take the WD My DVR Expander and a TiVo Glo remote instead of the TiVo HD.

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  • Jay

    Wishing myself luck ;)
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  • Cory

    I’ll take a shot.

    Here’s my comment

  • Nat



  • ClunkClunk

    I’m not sure what happened, but my comment has a weird timestamp and no content. :(

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  • Vince
  • xdreamwalker

    Another TiVoHD? I’ll take it!
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  • Dan

    Sorry, I’m not very good at this.

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  • Leonardo DiCrapio

    Thanks for another giveaway.

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  • ADIDAIllini

    If I don’t qualify you can take me out of the running.

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  • Michael Burstin
  • Morac

    Wow that’s a nice give away. Hopefully my post gets pulled out of the spam filter (doesn’t like my email address I think) before the contest ends.

    Here’s one of my posts.

  • Justin

    Good luck to me! :-)

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  • Audio
  • jonathan lundberry

    come on big money no whammy!

    My commenty like comment

  • DSSwonsob

    We get a new logo and a TivoHD?!! We’re so lucky!

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  • Jack

    I think I would do cartwheels up and down my street if I won….I’ve never done a cartwheel before, hope I don’t hurt myself.

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  • carroca

    My parents are getting annoyed with their S2 hooked up to their new plasma. I would love to pass this on to them. Thanks.

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  • Adam

    Here is my comment.

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  • Zach Carter

    My one comment:

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  • Marcus

    Thanks for another contest! Rock on!

    My comment was the only one on the post.

  • Matthew Meyer

    cool… i found your site from TiVo’s blog btw.

  • Joseph Katz

    I know I have other comments but this is the mos ironic so I went with it.

    Ironic Entry

  • michael packer

    I love gizmos…I love tivo….wish i had one…. pick me, please

  • Nate L.

    Thanks for the contest:
    A previous comment by me…

  • Ruben

    I really hope you pick me.

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  • davidwag

    Gunning for the expander/remote sub combo…

    Comment extraordinaire

  • Robm

    You run a great site Megazone! Thank you!

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  • vadergirl

    ooohhh, a new Tivo and an HD one to boot would be very cool indeed!

    Thanks MZ…

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  • Hank
  • Scarymike

    Tivo HD FOR ME!!! (using the secret! ok not really).

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  • MHA

    Am I even still eligible? If so… here’s one of my comments! :-)

  • Craig Eagle

    Praying to the gods of random numbers:
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    – Craig Eagle

  • Zathrus

    I may only have one post so far, but thanks for archiving this really old TiVo Chat log — I had a number of questions in there! Ahh…. nostalgia….

  • Tom

    I haven’t posted in awhile but here it is:
    my comment

    Good Luck everyone


  • Barnabas

    Thanks for the contest.

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  • Chris

    Unfortunately, I do not have a previous comment, so I’m just putting this one up to prepare for the next giveaway. My wife recently approved the purchase of the Blue Moon Special, but I’ve been holding off until I know exactly what I’m going to get (upgrades, etc.). It would have been nice to get a free one.. Good luck to you all!


  • RoyalWulff

    Thanks for the giveaways and as always keep up the great work.

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  • Charles
  • John

    Thank you for being so generous with the points you were given. Awesome site!!!

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  • Adam
  • Noah
  • Phil
  • cckrobinson

    Nice Logo!
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  • Tony

    Love my HD but an expander and a cool remote would be great!

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  • T-Man

    Sure could use a My DVD Expander.
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  • Glenn

    Great site. I’d love a Tivo HD.

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    MZ: You have to put something in between the anchor tags to be the link text. :-) Like in my example in the post.

  • Dave C
  • John G


    Really enjoyed the e-mail response. Thank-you!

    John G.

  • David

    Crossing my fingers…
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