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TiVo To Ship Place Shifting Transcoder Box This Year

I’ve actually been working on a post about this for a little while, and on today’s financial conference call President and CEO Tom Rogers provided the final piece. Last month at CES 2012 TiVo was showing off a transcoding box … Continue reading

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Verizon Wireless Quietly Renting Slingboxes

Over a year ago Sling Media announced a deal with Verizon Wireless to rent a Slingbox to Verizon Wireless customers for uses with their mobile devices. Instead of buying a Slingbox at retail users would be able to rent a … Continue reading

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A Peak at the New DirecTV HD UI

DirecTV has a new HD UI ‘coming soon’ to their receivers, and it looks pretty good. They’ve released a promo video showing off the new UI, which Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny helpfully ripped to YouTube saving me the … Continue reading

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DirecTV’s Nomad Now Available – Does Copying, Not Streaming

Back in August I posted a number of details about DirecTV’s then forthcoming Nomad place shifting product, and it is finally here for $149. It turns out that most of the info I had at the time was correct and, … Continue reading

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DirecTV Nomad Coming Soon

Engadget noticed that DirecTV put up a ‘Coming Soon’ teaser page for their new Nomad product. The page itself doesn’t reveal much, it is just an image of a DirecTV DVR and the Nomad, along with a Mac, iPad, and … Continue reading

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