TiVo Chat Log 04/04/2003

Timestamps Approximate in EST (GMT-0500)

[15:31] <gleffler> Welcome to the TiVo Live Q&A Session!

[15:31] <gleffler> The channel will be moderated now - it will work a bit
like a radio call-in show.

[15:31] <gleffler> You will ask your question and it will be sent to the
moderators. You won't see it show up in the chat window.

[15:31] <gleffler> If your question is selected to be answered, you'll be
notified and asked to repeat it for the whole audience.

[15:31] <gleffler> Have fun and enjoy the session!

[15:32] <TiVoPony> Hi Everyone!

[15:32] <TiVoPony> We're back. :)

[15:32] <TiVoPony> Submit your questions...they'll go to the
moderators...and we'll answer them one by one

[15:33] <TiVoPony> And first up...Digitalmike...what's your question?

[15:33] <DigitalMike> Multi-room viewing

[15:33] <DigitalMike> Is it spooled?

[15:33] <DigitalMike> realtime?

[15:33] <TiVoPony> spooled?

[15:33] <DigitalMike> Thanks

[15:33] <TiVoPony> It's a transfer from one machine to the other.

[15:34] <DigitalMike> MP3 question

[15:34] <DigitalMike> Can you view ID3 info

[15:34] <TiVoPony> DigitalMike...I'm having a hard time following your

[15:35] <DigitalMike> Can you see album covers?

[15:35] <TiVoPony> Sorry, I thought we were talking about multi room

[15:35] <TiVoPony> With music you can view id3 tags while the music is

[15:35] <TiVoPony> But no album covers.

[15:35] <DigitalMike> Sorry, moved on...

[15:36] <TiVoPony> Thanks!

[15:36] <cas> I was wondering if I'm using the unsupported #401 currently
for my updates, will the 4.0 software come down over that, or will I need to
plug back in my tel line?

[15:37] <TiVoBill> Hi cas. It is possible to download 4.0 over your
broadband connection if your using the ,#401 backdoor.

[15:37] <cas> ok, thanks

[15:37] <doubting> With the Save to VCR function, will I be able to batch up
several programs so that I can start it with one click? Currently I have to
save one program, pause the VCR, start the second, etc etc.

[15:38] <TiVoRichT> Sorry, batch save to VCR

[15:38] <TiVoRichT> You had a different question about Transfers?

[15:38] <TiVoRichT> Sorry, No batch save to VCR

[15:38] <doubting> no, I was just trying to clarify the earlier question
from DM. I have a second question tho

[15:39] <doubting> I have >100 programs and returning to the Now Playing
list pauses for >5 seconds often. Will this be speeded up with 4.0?

[15:39] <TiVoRichT> just a sec

[15:40] <TiVoPony> Hey doubting! 100 programs...is that a stock drive? ;)

[15:40] <doubting> No comment.

[15:40] <TiVoPony> Ok.

[15:40] <TiVoPony> Well,

[15:40] <TiVoPony> We continue to put larger drives in our shipping products

[15:41] <TiVoPony> And we continue to look at ways to speed up everything.

[15:41] <doubting> ok thx -- btw what was the final answer on batch saving?

[15:41] <TiVoPony> But in your case, I couldn't say whether it would be
faster or not. :)

[15:41] <TiVoPony> Sorry!

[15:41] <gleffler> It was "Sorry, no batch save to VCR", for anyone that
missed it

[15:41] <timdaniels> What can you tell us about MP3 and Photo integration
with iTunes and iPhoto on Mac OS X?

[15:42] <TiVoPony> Tim...you had three different questions! ;)

[15:42] <TiVoPony> Mac integration...

[15:42] <TiVoPony> I'm afraid that you'd have to ask Apple about Mac
integration of TiVo with their apps

[15:43] <TiVoPony> But there will be a separate TiVo server app available at
launch for mac's...so you should be just fine with your current versions of
iTunes and iPhoto. :)

[15:43] <TiVoJason> Hi steve1, you had a question?

[15:44] <Steve1> Yes

[15:44] <TiVoJason> Could you repeat it for the chatroom please?

[15:44] * gleffler changes topic to 'TiVo Q&A Session - Now'

[15:44] <Steve1> Will there be serail support for channel changing for the
Sony Series 2's in the 4.0 release

[15:45] <TiVoJason> Yes... there will be serial support for all Series2 DVRs
in the 4.0 release. Including Sony

[15:45] <Steve1> Cool

[15:45] <walker> You previously said MRV must be between TiVos on the "same
network". What's your technical requirement for "same network"?

[15:46] <TiVoBill> Good question. The requirement is that the DVRs be on
the same "subnet", in addition to being on the same TiVo billing account.

[15:46] <walker> OK, thanks

[15:47] <DigitalMike> How often will Tivo download changes via broadband? Is
this time user changeable?

[15:47] <TiVoJason> Hi digitalmike, got a question?

[15:47] <DigitalMike> How often will Tivo download changes via broadband? Is
this time user changeable?

[15:47] <TiVoJason> The broadband calls will occur at the same roughly once
per day frequency as phone calls to download PGD

[15:47] <TiVoJason> It is not user changeable

[15:47] <DigitalMike> I read about remote scheduling...

[15:48] <TiVoJason> However, calls to TiVo Central Online to check for
remote scheduling will occur more frequently

[15:48] <DigitalMike> Changes within 2 hours..

[15:48] <DigitalMike> can be accomidated

[15:48] <DigitalMike> Wouldn't tivo need to download more than once a day?

[15:49] <DigitalMike> OK

[15:49] <TiVoJason> Your TiVo will check the server for your scheduling
requests throughout the day. These checks may occur as often as every 15

[15:49] <DigitalMike> Understoon, Thx

[15:49] <TiVoPony> No guarantees on that 15 minutes tho'...

[15:49] <TiVoPony> But it is fast!

[15:49] <TiVoPony> :)

[15:50] <TiVoRichT> ILoveTiVo, you had a question about sorting and

[15:52] <TiVoRichT> When you turn groups on, Suggestions will have their own
group and they appear in any group that is appropate

[15:53] <TiVoJason> Hi angus_young, had a question?

[15:54] <TiVoPony> Guys, you can't ask a question and then wander off! :)

[15:54] <angus_young> yeah

[15:54] <angus_young> any chance for a caller ID display on the stand

[15:54] <TiVoJason> No, we won't be introducing CallerID support on 4.0.

[15:54] <angus_young> dirty deed!

[15:55] <Paladin27> Can you tell us more about the developer tools you
mentioned yesterday, is this an SDK for the PC Client software or developer
tools for the Tivo software?

[15:55] <TiVoBill> The developer tools are for the PC side. More
information will be available soon.

[15:56] <Paladin27> Great! Looking forward to them!

[15:56] <TiVoBill> Also, some sample code will be available.. fun, fun! :)

[15:56] <timdaniels> Is 4.0 small enough to download in one call, or do we
receive it incrementally over a few days? (once it's out. ;-)

[15:56] <TiVoJason> All TiVo software is designed to be downloaded on one
call. If your phone call is interrupted or not compelted, it may take more.

[15:57] <TiVoJason> So, yes, 4.0 should come down on one call

[15:57] <TiVoPony> DigitalMike, what's up?

[15:57] <DigitalMike> How will remote scheduling deal with 2 Tivo DVRs and
conflict resolution between them and the remote schedule?

[15:57] <TiVoPony> Good question.

[15:58] <TiVoPony> You'll be able to select which system you want to send
the request to

[15:58] <TiVoPony> From the website you choose which of your DVR's should
record the show

[15:58] <TiVoPony> Conflict resolution is pretty simple too

[15:58] <TiVoPony> It's kind of like syncing a palm pilot

[15:59] <TiVoPony> You decide whether your request trumps any previously
scheduled recordings on the DVR, or not

[15:59] <TiVoPony> Either way, you can ask for a notification of what
happened via email.

[15:59] <TiVoPony> Cool, huh?

[15:59] <DigitalMike> But the master to do list resides on the dvr not

[16:00] <TiVoPony> The to do list, and now playing lists are on the DVR, not

[16:01] <mostman> my question is about the mp3 playback - what is on the
screen (video) while an mp3 is being played?

[16:01] <TiVoRichT> We will display the Title, artist and album info

[16:01] <TiVoRichT> This display will dim after 15 minutes

[16:02] <TiVoRichT> You can clear the display to a black screen

[16:03] <Zathrus> Is the Compaq 10/100 adaptor mentioned in the prior chat
really not supported? It's a wired ethernet adaptor, not wireless, and is
(un)supported in the current 3.2 software

[16:04] <TiVoPony> You're correct, we did discuss this specific adaptor last

[16:04] <TiVoPony> And yes, it is not supported in 4.0

[16:04] <TiVoPony> If you enjoyed 'unsupport' in 3.2...well, it was

[16:04] <TiVoPony> Sorry about that.

[16:04] <Zathrus> is there a reason the (un)support was removed due to
lacking features? If it has to be replaced, well, at least it was cheap :)

[16:05] <TiVoPony> Glad it was cheap!

[16:05] <Zathrus> Does the HMO API involve translating the other formats to
MP3, or toa neutral format that the TiVo will play? Or should I just keep
waiting for the actual release for this information?

[16:06] <TiVoBill> Home Media Option supports only MP3 files. There is
currently no built-in ability to translate files - but again we will be
releasing developer docs so one might be developed later.

[16:06] <Zathrus> Guess I'll keep waiting then. Thank you.

[16:06] <TiVoJason> Hi Steve1, got a question?

[16:07] <Steve1> What is the download time via dialup for 4.0? I'm assuming
it's going to ask for a re-boot.

[16:07] <TiVoJason> On average all sw downloads take around an hour over
phone... varies depending on your phone conditions and other factors of

[16:07] <TiVoJason> It will ask for a reboot as well

[16:08] <walker> Is the FF auto-correct the same in 4.0 as it was in 3.2? Or
was it tweaked again?

[16:08] <TiVoPony> Hi walker

[16:08] <TiVoPony> I don't believe it's been changed. :)

[16:08] <TiVoPony> Works well for me!

[16:09] <DigitalMike> I read mp3's can be played random or by album. Is this
true? Can you make/use custom playlist?

[16:09] <TiVoRichT> MP3s are play in alphabit order by File name

[16:10] <DigitalMike> Will HMO play MP3 Pro?

[16:10] <TiVoRichT> We do have a randon feature

[16:10] <TiVoRichT> We are not supporting MP3 Pro

[16:11] <TiVoJason> Hi wesw, got a q?

[16:12] <WesW> I have an AT&T Tivo, and it missed SW 3.2, which also
included a picture quality improvment. Will AT ,&T get 4.0,and will it
include the PQ bump?

[16:12] <TiVoJason> AT&T DVRs will receive the 4.0 software upgrade and 4.0
will include any previous PQ improvements rolled into past releases

[16:13] <WesW> That's it, thanks!

[16:13] <TiVoOpsMgr> Hi gjustice, what's your question?

[16:13] <GJustice> Any possibility of user created folders anytime soon?

[16:13] <TiVoOpsMgr> We're all working hard to get the current release out,
which doesn't include user-created folders.

[16:13] <TiVoOpsMgr> So, depends what you mean by "soon"

[16:14] <GJustice> I'd like to stash movies in a folder, not by title, for

[16:14] <TiVoOpsMgr> You can do that via a Wishlists for movies

[16:14] <GJustice> Soon would be this year!

[16:14] <TiVoOpsMgr> But you can't create a "Cool flicks" folder.

[16:14] <TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry Gjustice, I don't think there's any chance of
this year.

[16:14] <TiVoOpsMgr> Next!

[16:15] <Zathrus> Will TiVo support USB keyboards for show searching, MP3
searching, etc. in the near future? (requested by someone in the forums)

[16:15] <TiVoPony> Those USB ports are very curious, aren't they? ;)

[16:15] <TiVoPony> The answer is no.

[16:15] <Zathrus> Will HMO support VBR MP3s or only CBR ones?

[16:15] <TiVoPony> That's why we did the whole web scheduling thing!

[16:15] <TiVoPony> Leave your keyboard attached to your pc. :)

[16:15] <Zathrus> Yeah, web scheduling will eliminate most of the need I

[16:15] <TiVoBill> The music feature of Home Media Option supports both VBR
and CBR MP3 files

[16:16] <Zathrus> Great, thanks!

[16:16] <mostman> thanks gleffer - ok new question - regarding the comment
just made about folders - what if something is already recorded and then you
want to catagorize it. Can you create the wishlist AFTER the program is
recorded and have it placed in a folder with that wishlist?

[16:16] <TiVoOpsMgr> Good question mostman!

[16:17] <TiVoOpsMgr> The answer is yes -- you can create the wishlist after
the fact and it WILL appear in that folder.

[16:17] <mostman> s/gleffer/gleffler (sorry)

[16:17] <mostman> that is great

[16:17] <TiVoOpsMgr> Good deal! Thanks for the question. Next up?

[16:17] <mostman> really great

[16:18] <TiVoPony> Hi futerfas...got a question?

[16:18] <futerfas> yeah

[16:18] <futerfas> are there any minor changes in 4.0 that you have

[16:19] <TiVoPony> Every change is big to us.

[16:19] <TiVoPony> :)

[16:19] <TiVoPony> Our engineers work hard on even the things that seem
small! :)

[16:19] <TiVoPony> But yes, there are some changes.

[16:19] <futerfas> cool

[16:19] <TiVoPony> One kind of cool one is...

[16:19] <TiVoPony> When you're in the menus, you can use the advance button
to hop between the top and the bottom of the list

[16:20] <futerfas> too bad i only have a series1

[16:20] <TiVoPony> It makes getting through a long now playing list really
easy. :)

[16:20] <TiVoPony> You need to buy a Series2!

[16:20] <TiVoPony> www.tivo.com

[16:20] <futerfas> i know

[16:20] <TiVoPony> Go buy one now... :D

[16:20] <futerfas> i wish i could, but my parents wont let me

[16:20] <Zorkorist> When you "send a show" to another TiVo, is it a "move"
or a "copy"? If it's a copy, can a delete be "scheduled" for when the copy
is done?

[16:20] <TiVoJason> Ok.. I gotta run... thanks everyone!

[16:21] * TiVoPony waves to TiVoJason

[16:21] <TiVoRichT> Programs will be copied during a transfer

[16:21] <TiVoRichT> You cannot set remote programs to delete

[16:21] * TiVoOpsMgr is glad Jason came. Thanks Jason!

[16:22] <TiVoPony> Hey everyone...announcement time

[16:22] <TiVoPony> A couple of weeks ago you might have noticed an
opportunity to click on a showcase item to request 4.0 first...

[16:22] <TiVoPony> Hopefully you did that!

[16:22] <TiVoPony> But if you didn't...

[16:23] <TiVoPony> Here's the priority list web signup:

[16:23] <TiVoPony> http://research.tivo.com/40priority/

[16:23] <TiVoPony> :)

[16:23] <TiVoOpsMgr> _/*-*\_/*-*\_/*-*\_/*-*\_/*-*\_/*-*\_/ WOO HOO!

[16:23] <TiVoPony> I now return you to your previously scheduled chat...

[16:23] <TiVoOpsMgr> Mostman, you had _another_ folder question, I believe?

[16:23] <mostman> indeed thanks - ok another one on folders - knowing that
the above is true, that things will be placed in folders once a wishlist is
created - how are conflicts handled? What if I have two wishlists that both
match a given program - which folder is it placed in?

[16:24] <TiVoOpsMgr> Good question -- the answer is, the same program
appears in BOTH folders!

[16:24] <TiVoOpsMgr> It is only saved on the disk once.

[16:24] <mostman> wow - slick

[16:24] <TiVoOpsMgr> But you can view it from either folder.

[16:24] <TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks mostman!

[16:24] <mostman> i need a series2 now

[16:24] <TiVoOpsMgr> Indeed -- www.tivo.com/buy

[16:24] <TiVoOpsMgr> Next!

[16:24] <mostman> lol

[16:24] <rcrew> Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a while Will HMO be
released for DTiVos?

[16:25] <TiVoPony> Sorry you've been out of the loop...the answer is...it's
up to DIRECTV.

[16:25] <TiVoOpsMgr> Whoops, sorry to interrupt, but the "Buy TiVo" URL is
http://www.tivo.com/2.0.asp not the one I used above.

[16:25] <rcrew> Thanks.

[16:25] <TiVoPony> But I've heard they'll be watching the HMO rollout on the

[16:25] <rcrew> I know my question changed, but it makes a difference.

[16:25] <TiVoPony> So if you want to see HMO on DIRECTV...

[16:26] <TiVoPony> Go buy a standalone or two and order HMO!!!

[16:26] <TiVoPony> And of course, let DIRECTV know you want HMO. :)

[16:26] <TiVoOpsMgr> The URL I was thinking of was www.tivo.com/get

[16:26] <TiVoOpsMgr> That one works too.

[16:26] <TiVoBill> rcrew: On your other question, Home Media Option is only
available for Series2 DVR's, so no you can not transfer from a Series2 DVR
to a Series1 DVR.

[16:26] * TiVoPony slaps Stephen for stomping all over his answer. :)

[16:27] * TiVoOpsMgr points out it was related...

[16:27] <Zorkorist> Will the local copy delete when it is done? Or is it
marked in any way?

[16:27] <TiVoPony> Zorkorist...what's up?

[16:27] <TiVoPony> Got it.

[16:27] <TiVoPony> Nope, when you're done with a transfer, the show is on
both recorders.

[16:27] <TiVoPony> And you can cue up as many transfers as you want.

[16:27] <TiVoPony> They'll just be added to your To Do List...

[16:28] <TiVoPony> And will happen sequentially until they're all done.

[16:28] <Zorkorist> hey, that's cool!

[16:28] <TiVoPony> :)

[16:28] <TiVoRichT> I have to leave, but it was fun chatting with all of you

[16:28] <TiVoPony> Bye Rich!

[16:28] * TiVoBill waves to Rich!

[16:28] <TiVoOpsMgr> So long buddy!

[16:28] <TiVoPony> Now it's down to the hardcore guys. :)

[16:29] <TiVoOpsMgr> I don't know what's on YOUR TiVo, Pony... but...

[16:29] <dth21> Can't When using HMO, does it prevent the recording of any
new shows? Would imagine the answer is no, but just checking. Can't wait for
HMO, BTW. Perfect solution to people who want a SliMP3 but would like a big
screen TV interface.

[16:29] * TiVoPony says HI!!! to TiVoDeb

[16:30] <TiVoPony> debbie, debbie, debbie...

[16:31] <TiVoBill> You will be able to use all the functions of your DVR
while you are trasferring programs.

[16:31] <TiVoBill> (including recording of course)

[16:31] <TiVoPony> Hi Oboingo...

[16:32] <TiVoPony> But he's gone. :(

[16:32] <TiVoPony> Next?

[16:32] <TiVoOpsMgr> Hi DigitalMike, what's your question please?

[16:32] <DigitalMike> Please describe the PC mp3/jpg "hosting" application.
I presume it runs in the background all the time

[16:32] <TiVoOpsMgr> You are correct sir.

[16:32] <DigitalMike> Thx

[16:32] <TiVoOpsMgr> You basically set which folders you'd like to share

[16:32] <TiVoOpsMgr> You can control who has access

[16:32] <TiVoOpsMgr> It's about what you'd expect!

[16:33] <TiVoOpsMgr> But much neater than that.

[16:33] <TiVoOpsMgr> Next question...

[16:34] <gleffler> medeiros: Go ahead and ask your question if you're still
there :)

[16:34] <TiVoOpsMgr> Hi medeiros, your question please?

[16:34] <medeiros> Will I be able to hook up Cable/Cable Box like I can hook
up Sat/Cable? If not, will/can it be supported in the future?

[16:34] <TiVoOpsMgr> Ah, the old double non-satellite lineup question.

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> We understand why you'd want it...

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> ...but unfortunately it's not going to be supported in
the near future.

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> Basically, some deep-down architecture requires that
one of a dual headend setups be satellite.

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> Changing it would be VERY difficult.

[16:35] <medeiros> Thanks for the straight forward answer.

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> We did some surveys, and basically only a tiny
percentage of the nation's TV watchers have this setup.

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> So we're deferring on it, for the time being.

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry!

[16:35] <TiVoOpsMgr> Next question?

[16:36] <TiVoPony> Hi Guest...what's your question?

[16:36] <Guest79395> Does The Transfer Between Tivos Progress At real Time
or faster?

[16:37] <TiVoPony> Good question...we got that one last time as well.

[16:37] <TiVoPony> Obviously it is dependent on your network.

[16:37] <TiVoPony> But assuming your network is sound, it's quite fast

[16:37] <TiVoPony> It depends also on the quality the recording was made in

[16:37] <Guest79395> Cool, Thanks

[16:37] <TiVoPony> High quality goes over at about real time.

[16:38] <TiVoPony> Best quality takes a little longer than real time

[16:38] <TiVoPony> And medium and basic go much faster than real time.

[16:38] <TiVoPony> Wired or wireless.

[16:38] <TiVoPony> One other thing...

[16:38] <Guest79395> Can You Start Watching B4 Its Finished Transfering?

[16:38] <TiVoPony> While it's transferring, you can trickplay

[16:38] <TiVoPony> It's just like it's recording a live TV show.

[16:38] <TiVoPony> You can pause it, rewind it, etc.

[16:38] <TiVoPony> While it transfers.

[16:39] <TiVoPony> But you can't fast forward past what's been transferred!

[16:39] <TiVoPony> It's very cool.

[16:39] <TiVoPony> Anything else?

[16:39] <Guest79395> Thanks For The Info, Cant Wait

[16:39] <TiVoPony> You're welcome.

[16:39] <Zathrus> Is there a maximum bitrate limitation on the MP3 support?
(Lower than the 320 kbps MP3 enforced max)

[16:40] <TiVoOpsMgr> Hi Zathrus, I am not aware of any bitrate limitations.

[16:40] <TiVoOpsMgr> We've done a TON of testing...

[16:40] <TiVoOpsMgr> Personally, my own collection runs the gamut, and I've
never seen any problems.

[16:40] <Zathrus> Will Advanced Wishlists reappear in 4.0? What about
TeachTiVo functionality? That is, as supported features and not backdoor
ones (*cough* code? *cough*)

[16:41] <TiVoOpsMgr> Both Advanced Wishlist and TeachTiVo are on indefinite

[16:41] <TiVoOpsMgr> We don't have any current plans to make them supported

[16:41] <Zathrus> Dang... Adv Wishlist would be really useful with the
folder features you noted earlier.

[16:41] <TiVoOpsMgr> Fill out the Suggestions form or post on Suggestions

[16:41] <Zathrus> Once again, thanks.

[16:41] <TiVoOpsMgr> The way to make these things reality is to request

[16:41] <TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks!

[16:41] <TiVoOpsMgr> Next person?

[16:42] <Zorkorist> Someone yesterday mentioned being able to browse
pictures while playing mp3s. The answer was no, I think. Is there
potential for this to be upcoming? Sounds like a neat feature!

[16:42] <TiVoOpsMgr> It would be neat, and there's certainly potential, but
at this time it's not a supported feature.

[16:42] <TiVoOpsMgr> I can't promise when it would appear.

[16:43] <TiVoBill> Zorkorist: You can only either listen to music or browse
photos at one time in 4.0.

[16:43] <dth21> Will the HMO Mac software be OS X-only?

[16:43] <TiVoOpsMgr> There's certainly a lot we could do (visualizations,
etc.), but we had to make sure we launched with a rock solid feature set of
the most popular items.

[16:44] <TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry, didn't mean to talk over TiVoBill. Go ahead
with dth21's answer, Bill...

[16:44] <TiVoBill> Good question dth21: TiVo Desktop for Mac will require
Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar)

[16:44] <dth21> Also, care to comment on the Reuters article re: HMO's
release date?

[16:44] <TiVoOpsMgr> Note that it is NOT quoting Mike Ramsay!

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> It is the author's hypothesis.

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> The only date we have announced is April.

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> April, 2003, that is.

[16:45] <dth21> So that would be a no for next week... ;)

[16:45] <TiVoPony> Is Halloween in April?

[16:45] <TiVoPony> :)

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> We cannot confirm nor deny...

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> NEXT!

[16:45] <dth21> :)

[16:45] <cheeseboy> Does the TiVo Guy like cheese?

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> Hi cheeseboy

[16:45] <TiVoOpsMgr> That's certainly a metaphysical question.

[16:46] <TiVoOpsMgr> Have you considered asking him yourself?

[16:46] <cheeseboy> I have. He doesn't answer. He just smiles.

[16:46] <TiVoOpsMgr> And waves at you...

[16:46] <TiVoPony> TiVoGuy likes cheese, but cheese doesn't like TiVoGuy.

[16:46] <cheeseboy> OK, that's what I needed to know. Thanks.

[16:46] <TiVoOpsMgr> Maybe it's all that cheese eating that makes him such a

[16:46] <TiVoOpsMgr> Next!

[16:47] <gleffler> >>> Hey, everyone -- we're running low on time. If there
any more questions you'd like asked, please go ahead and ask them now! <<

[16:47] <TiVoPony> BigBoris...what's your question?

[16:47] <BigBoris> 2 questions:

[16:47] <TiVoPony> Two???

[16:47] <TiVoPony> :)

[16:47] <TiVoPony> The wingspeed of an african swallow is...

[16:48] <BigBoris> 1. with advanced wishlists being on "hiatus" does that
mean that they're in there and not supported?

[16:48] <BigBoris> 2. does hmo support vbr mp3s

[16:48] <TiVoPony> You hit the key word...unsupport.

[16:48] <TiVoPony> It's not available with the current software. Sorry!

[16:48] <BigBoris> ok. in that case will we need the *code*?

[16:48] <TiVoPony> What code would that be? ;)

[16:48] <BigBoris> oh. i dunno. cough. cough

[16:49] <TiVoPony> Good answer.

[16:49] <TiVoPony> Question #2:

[16:49] <TiVoOpsMgr> That's a nasty cough you have there, BigBoris...

[16:49] <TiVoPony> Yes.

[16:49] <TiVoPony> We do support VBR MP3's.

[16:49] <TiVoPony> And other things...

[16:49] <BigBoris> thanks! now if you could just pm me that *non-existant*
code my cough would get all better...

[16:49] <BigBoris> and i'd upgrade to an s2!

[16:50] <ILoveMyTiVo> can you say anything about when/if we will get some
kind of free space indicator?

[16:50] <TiVoPony> Hey, that's a question for me! :)

[16:51] <TiVoPony> I'm not sure what you mean by 'free space
indicator'...that's the first I've ever heard anyone mention such a thing.

[16:51] <TiVoPony> No, there is no FSI in 4.0.

[16:51] <TiVoPony> Sorry!

[16:52] <Zorkorist> While sending shows are limited to subnet/account, are
connecting to shared resources of MP3s and Pictures limited in any way?

[16:52] <TiVoPony> But there were some under the hood tweaks made to
suggestions...turn 'em on and fill up your disk. :)

[16:52] <Zorkorist> an...

[16:52] <TiVoPony> Who needs a FSI when you have all those lovely

[16:52] <TiVoPony> :)

[16:52] <Zorkorist> What picture formats are supported, and are there any
that are excluded? Is resolution, bit-depth etc, a factor?

[16:52] <TiVoPony> Good question.

[16:52] <TiVoBill> The Music and Photos features can stream files from any
publically available IP address. There are no restrictions to subnet (only
for Multi-room viewing)

[16:52] <TiVoPony> There are a number of formats supported...

[16:53] <TiVoPony> But they're all converted to jpg by the TiVo Publisher
app before they're sent to the DVR

[16:53] <TiVoPony> I had a list around here somewhere...

[16:53] * TiVoPony looks for list of supported image formats

[16:53] <TiVoPony> I know that it includes bmp and gif...

[16:53] <TiVoPony> Let me find that and post it on the forum! :)

[16:53] <TiVoPony> Good question!

[16:53] <Zorkorist> thank you. :)

[16:54] <TiVoPony> Oh, and resolution/size doesn't matter.

[16:54] <TiVoPony> It's very speedy, even with large files.

[16:54] <TiVoPony> Of course, that is, unless your PC is a dog.

[16:54] <TiVoPony> All the image manipulation is done on your PC, not on the

[16:54] <Zorkorist> Oh, wow!

[16:54] <TiVoPony> You don't want to do red eye reduction on your TiVo, do
you? :)

[16:55] <Zorkorist> lol, no :)

[16:55] <DigitalMike> Have there been any official announcements about HDTV
Tivo and its features?

[16:56] <TiVoPony> TiVoBill has found the list of supported images...bmp,
dib, png, jpg, gif

[16:56] <TiVoPony> Hi Mike!

[16:56] <TiVoPony> I think if there had been official announcements, well,
they might have been mentioned on the forum. ;)

[16:56] <TiVoPony> Nothing new, just what we've shown at CES.

[16:56] <DigitalMike> OK

[16:56] <TiVoPony> But look for Shanan's newsletter...

[16:57] <TiVoPony> You may find some interesting opportunities to present
your opinions...

[16:58] <TiVoPony> Hi futerfas!

[16:58] <TiVoPony> Got a question?

[16:59] <futerfas> yeah, but i forgot

[16:59] * TiVoPony mentions that we're near the end...one more question
after this.

[16:59] <TiVoPony> Well, let me tell you what it was. :)

[16:59] <futerfas> thanks

[16:59] <futerfas> :)

[16:59] <TiVoPony> Futerfas, I bet you're wondering about suggestions...

[16:59] <TiVoPony> How did we improve them?

[16:59] <futerfas> yes, that's it

[16:59] <TiVoPony> :)

[17:00] <TiVoOpsMgr> He's psychic, that Pony!

[17:00] <TiVoPony> Well, we're constantly working on improving all aspects
of the TiVo Service

[17:00] <futerfas> :)

[17:00] <TiVoPony> Including suggestions.

[17:00] <TiVoPony> We recently added the ability to use collaborative
information, basically suggestions based on things other people with like
interests have enjoyed.

[17:00] <TiVoPony> It's just one input into the Suggestions engine..

[17:01] <TiVoPony> But we've continued to develop that.

[17:01] <futerfas> what about teach tivo

[17:01] <TiVoPony> Nope, no teach tivo. I do miss that bit of undeveloped
code! :)

[17:01] <TiVoPony> It was a good little thing...maybe someday.

[17:01] <TiVoPony> But there is something else that's new.

[17:01] <futerfas> and for series 1 too

[17:01] <TiVoPony> It's called Similar Programs.

[17:02] <TiVoPony> When you're viewing the details of a recording...

[17:02] <TiVoPony> You can press the display button to get lots of extra
info about that show.

[17:02] <TiVoPony> Well, now you get even more info.

[17:02] <futerfas> cool

[17:02] <TiVoPony> At the bottom of that list of extra stuff...is a list of
similar programs.

[17:02] <TiVoPony> It's not based on suggestions...but rather on that
collaborative info.

[17:03] <TiVoOpsMgr> And I have to say objectively, I've found some neat
programs based on that feature.

[17:03] <TiVoPony> So now, in addition to the actors, directors, producers,
choreographers, etc etc etc...you can see a list of other shows that are
similar to this one. :)

[17:03] <TiVoPony> Great!

[17:03] <TiVoPony> Thanks!

[17:03] <TiVoPony> Ok...one last question...

[17:03] <TiVoOpsMgr> Alas, our time is near done for today.

[17:04] <TiVoOpsMgr> Hi Steve11!

[17:04] <TiVoOpsMgr> What's your question?

[17:04] <Steve11> Can we do these chats on a more regular basis. i.e. every
quarter or so?

[17:04] <TiVoPony> Yay Steve!

[17:04] <TiVoOpsMgr> Good question!

[17:04] <TiVoOpsMgr> What do all of you guys here think, would you want

[17:04] <TiVoPony> Yes, I think we would. :)

[17:04] <Steve11> It's great, interacting w/you!!!

[17:04] <TiVoOpsMgr> And the phones go crazy!

[17:04] * TiVoBill thinks they would like that..

[17:05] <TiVoPony> Greg, open up the forum...

[17:05] <TiVoPony> :)

[17:05] <TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks for coming today, we had fun.

[17:05] <TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry I could only show up for the last hour.

[17:05] <TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks to Jason and Rich who were here earlier but had
to leave...

[17:05] <gleffler> Alrighty guys, the tivo folks have gotta go

[17:05] <TiVoOpsMgr> as well as Iron Chefs Bill and Pony

[17:05] <gleffler> So, now we open for general chat, and the afterparty

[17:05] <gleffler> And, yes, Thanks to *all* the TiVo employees that have
visited :)


[17:05] <TiVoOpsMgr> Gotta run myself, thanks all! Good bye! Don't forget to
tip your wait staff. (Two drink minimum.)

[17:05] <gregstoll> thanks!

[17:05] <TiVoPony> Including TiVoDeb!

[17:05] <medeiros> Thanks

[17:05] <Zorkorist> Thank you TiVo and gleffler! It's good to have a Pony!
(and a Bill, and a ...) ;)

[17:06] <GJustice> Is it too early to request to be a Beta tester for "the
version after 4.0"???

[17:06] <Peapod> Thanks TiVonians!

[17:06] <tivodeb2> just fill out the Beta App on tivo,com

[17:06] <Krellis> GJustice: https://fieldtrials.tivo.com/signup/ is the URL

[17:06] <TiVoPony> You're welcome. This was fun. :)

[17:06] <GJustice> done that, who's butt should I kiss to get in????

[17:06] <TiVoPony> Krellis to the rescue!

Originally from http://www.krellis.org/tivo-chat-4-4-03.txt

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