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What’s New In Android From Google I/O 2012

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably aware that Google I/O 2012 was held a couple of weeks ago. And while the Zeppelin skydive onto the Moscone Center X-Games-style demo for Project Glass was certainly the big highlight of the … Continue reading

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Is ASUS the Flagship Android Tablet Maker? I Think So

When it comes to Android tablets it seems like Samsung gets most of the attention, with the Galaxy Tab & Tab 2, and the Galaxy Note family. And that isn’t necessarily undeserved, Samsung is certainly the leading vendor in the … Continue reading

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Google Gets Into Augmented Reality With Project Glass

A long running staple of science fiction and cyberpunk stories is augmented reality. Some kind of glasses, contact lenses, or implants that give a character a layer of information on top of what their standard perceptions of the world around … Continue reading

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Google & ThinkGeek – Highlights Of April Fools’ Day

Let me be right up front and say that I hate April Fools’ Day, one might even say I despise it. Every year the net fills up with unfunny crap and there are very, very few silver linings on that … Continue reading

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A Look At Google’s WebM

Google’s open source video codec for the web, WebM, has gotten a spike in coverage of late, primarily because of Mozilla’s announcement that they were giving in and adding native H.264 support to Firefox and their BootToGecko mobile OS. Some … Continue reading

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