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Is ASUS the Flagship Android Tablet Maker? I Think So

When it comes to Android tablets it seems like Samsung gets most of the attention, with the Galaxy Tab & Tab 2, and the Galaxy Note family. And that isn’t necessarily undeserved, Samsung is certainly the leading vendor in the … Continue reading

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ASUS Officially Launches the PadFone & Two More Transformer Models

ASUS has been teasing us for a while with the PadFone concept, but now it is official, and coming in April. As a refresher, the idea of the PadFone is to have one computing device – the phone – instead … Continue reading

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Spider Phone, Spider Phone, Is the Phone for MegaZone

First off, sorry for that subject. Second, I want this! Well, OK, I really want something very much like it, but still. For years now I’ve been saying I wanted to see exactly this product and no one was making … Continue reading

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