MegaZone’s Season Pass List

TitleChannel / WLAiringsThumbsKeep Until
Law & Order: Criminal IntentUSAfirst run3Until I Delete
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitWHDHDTfirst run3Until I Delete
Law & OrderWHDHDTfirst run3Until I Delete
HeroesWHDHDTfirst run2Until I Delete
Stargate AtlantisSCIFIfirst run3Until I Delete
Bionic WomanWHDHDTfirst run1Until I Delete
Battlestar GalacticaSCIFIfirst run2Until I Delete
EurekaSCIFIfirst run2Until I Delete
Doctor WhoSCIFIfirst run2Until I Delete
TorchwoodBBCAfirst run2Until I Delete
Painkiller JaneSCIFIfirst run1Until I Delete
Flash GordonSCIFIfirst run1Until I Delete
RainesWHDHDTfirst run2Until I Delete
NarutoTOONfirst run2Until I Delete
Blood PlusTOONfirst run2Until I Delete
BleachTOONfirst run2Until I Delete
The Venture BrothersTOONfirst run2Until I Delete
Robot ChickenTOONfirst run1Until I Delete
The BoondocksTOONfirst run2Until I Delete
The Life & Times of Juniper LeeTOONfirst run2Until I Delete
.Hack/RootsTOONfirst run1Until I Delete
The Prince of TennisTOONfirst run1Until I Delete
MarTOONfirst run1Until I Delete
The BatmanWLVIfirst run2Until I Delete
Legion of Super HeroesWLVIrepeats1Until I Delete
NoeinSCIFIfirst run1Until I Delete
TokkoSCIFIfirst run1Until I Delete
Ergo ProxyFUSEfirst run1Until I Delete
Tenjho TengeFUSEfirst run1Until I Delete
Kim PossibleDISNfirst run2Until I Delete
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWFXTDTfirst run2Until I Delete
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast ForwardWFXTDTfirst run1Until I Delete
Shin ChanTOONfirst run1Until I Delete
Afro SamuraiSPIKETVrepeats1Until I Delete
MI-5AETVfirst run2Until I Delete
Rescue MeFXfirst run2Until I Delete
MythBustersDSCfirst run2Until I Delete
Burn NoticeUSAfirst run2Until I Delete
ChuckWHDHDTfirst run1Until I Delete
FutureWeaponsDSCfirst run2Until I Delete
WeaponologyMILfirst run1Space needed
Mail CallHISTORYfirst run2Until I Delete
Good EatsFOODfirst run2Until I Delete
Feasting on AsphaltFOODfirst run2Until I Delete
Modern MarvelsHISTORYfirst run2Until I Delete
Mega MoversHISTORYfirst run2Until I Delete
The Daily Show With Jon StewartCOMEDYfirst run3Until I Delete
The Colbert ReportCOMEDYfirst run3Until I Delete
UnwrappedFOODfirst run2Space needed
Seconds From DisasterNGCfirst run2Space needed
Air EmergencyNGCfirst run2Space needed
Crash ScienceNGCrepeats1Space needed
Decoding DisasterDTIMESfirst run1Space needed
Cities of the UnderworldHISTORYfirst run2Space needed
Build It BiggerDSCfirst run1Space needed
BoneyardHISTORYfirst run1Space needed
Impossible MovesNGCrepeats1Space needed
Impossible BridgesNGCrepeats1Space needed
Where Did It Come From?HISTORYfirst run1Space needed
Mega BuildersARWL, Titlerepeats1Space needed
Building the FutureARWL, Titlefirst run1Space needed
Mega DisastersARWL, Titlefirst run1Space needed
Extreme EngineeringARWL, Titlefirst run2Space needed
Engineering An EmpireARWL, Titlefirst run1Space needed
Really Big ThingsDSCfirst run1Space needed
Mind Control With Derren BrownSCIFIfirst run2Space needed
Human WeaponHISTORYfirst run1Space needed
Ice Road TruckersHISTORYfirst run1Space needed
Top GearBBCArepeats2Space needed
Tripping the RiftSCIFIfirst run2Space needed
Drawn TogetherCOMEDYfirst run1Space needed
Criss Angel MindfreakAETVfirst run1Space needed
Holmes on HomesDCHOMErepeats2Space needed
Stunt Junkies: Go Big or Go HomeDSCfirst run1Space needed
It Takes a ThiefDSCfirst run1Space needed
Beyond TomorrowSCIENCErepeats1Space needed
John Ratzenberger’s Made in AmericaTRAVfirst run1Space needed
The Showbiz Show With David SpadeCOMEDYfirst run1Space needed
BrainiacG4repeats1Space needed
How It’s MadeARWL, Titlerepeats1Space needed
ColumboARWL, Titlerepeats2Space needed
Poirot*ARWL, Titlerepeats2Space needed
Iron ChefARWL, Titlefirst run2Space needed
MegaZoneARWL, Keywordrepeats-Space needed
Kurosawa, AkiraARWL, Directorrepeats-Space needed
Katsu, ShintaroARWL, Actorrepeats-Space needed
Mifune, ToshiroARWL, Actorrepeats-Space needed
DiFrancoARWL, Keywordrepeats-Space needed
Yeoh, MichelleARWL, Actorrepeats-Space needed
Carrera, AsiaARWL, Actorrepeats-Space needed
TiVoARWL, Keywordrepeats-Space needed
Movies/AnimeARWL, Categoryrepeats-Space needed
Interests/AnimeARWL, Categoryfirst run-Space needed
AnimeARWL, Keywordfirst run-Space needed
MoonphaseAZNTVrepeats2Space needed
South ParkCOMEDYfirst run2Space needed
Most ShockingCOURTfirst run1Space needed
Hot PursuitCOURTfirst run1Space needed
Forensic FilesCOURTfirst run2Space needed