TiVo Chat Log 04/03/2003

<TiVoPony> Hi Mike!

<TiVoPony> Is this Mike Ramsay? ;)

<TiVoPony> Type in a question, and the magic 8 ball will try to answer...

<TiVoPony> :)

<TiVoBill> Hi Mathwhiz.. go ahead and ask you question :)

<mathwhiz> Will 4.0 and HMO be released together?

<TiVoClaudia> Yes, they certainly will!

<TiVoBill> Any other questions mathwhiz?

<mathwhiz> Not that I can think of

<TiVoBill> Thanks :)

<TiVoPony> miker, got a question?

<TiVoPony> miker...don't go changing your question!

<miker> when will 4.0 be released?

<TiVoPony> ahhh...you did change it. :)

<TiVoPony> That would be telling.

<TiVoPony> sorry, we can't say at the moment.

<miker> ok... how will mp3 playing work on the tivo...

<TiVoPony> but you had something else you wanted to know, right?

<TiVoPony> The mp3 files are stored on your pc, and streamed over your home network to your tivo. The files aren't stored on the tivo.

<TiVoPony> anything else miker?

<miker> how many songs can the tivo list at a time?

<TiVoPony> As many as you have...no limit.

<TiVoPony> It can play either individual songs, folders, or playlists

<miker> with random play?

<TiVoPony> yep, random play, as well as repeat

<TiVoPony> :)

<miker> :)

<TiVoPony> Anyone else who has a question...type it in and it'll go to the mods...

<TiVoOpsMgr> Don't be shy! Ask away...

<TiVoPony> I scared them all away. :(

<TiVoPony> raitchison, you're next...

<TiVoPony> what's your question raitchison?

<raitchison> My question is about networkig..

<TiVoPony> ok

<raitchison> If I have networking working today using the ,#401 method under 3.2 will it continue to work under 4.0...

<TiVoPony> good question...

<raitchison> eve if it is not one of the "supported" adapters??

<TiVoPony> i know many people have had success with 'unsupport' in the past

<TiVoPony> but unfortunately 'unsupport' means 'unsupport'...there are no guarantees that your old adapter will be compatible with 4.0

<TiVoPony> i posted a list of known 'working' adapters on the forum last week.

<raitchison> How about a "likeliness" thewn?

<TiVoPony> i'm afraid there are no guarantees...it may work fine, but if it doesn't...sorry!

<raitchison> specifically I have a Compaq IPAQ Networking 10/100 USB adapter

<TiVoPony> anything else

<TiVoPony> ?

<raitchison> I have a follow up if thats OK

<TiVoPony> TiVoClaudia says that that compaq adapter, if it's the wl215...it's known not to work.

<TiVoPony> wrong chipset i'm afraid.

<TiVoPony> and your follow up...

<TiVoPony> ?

<raitchison> ASSuming it works (sounds like it doesn't)

<TiVoPony> yes...

<raitchison> will I need to reconfigure to keep it working once 4.0
hits my box or will 4.0 figure out that I am UNsupporting and still work

<raitchison> ?

<TiVoPony> just a sec

<TiVoBill> Got a question Patchwork?

<TiVoPony> You'll need to set up the system to use the network... the ,#401 backdoor will only work for guided setup, not for daily calls under 4.0

<Patchwork> I think my question has been answered. Thanks

<raitchison> BTW I have a HNE-200

<TiVoPony> And for those of you with wireless...it won't work at all...you need to use the network configuration screens.

<Entrager> What new features can TiVo subscribers expect to get with 4.0 that aren't part of the HMO? For example, will we be able to have recorded shows separated into folders?

<TiVoClaudia> With 4.0, you'll get several new features:

<TiVoPony> thanks raitchison!

<TiVoClaudia> You'll be able to group programs in your Now Playing

<TiVoClaudia> With 4.0 you'll et several new features! Yes - you will be able to group programs in folders and list programs either chronologically or alphabetically.

<TiVoClaudia> You'll also be able to use your broadband connection to call the TiVo Service

<TiVoClaudia> and "quick advance" through lists.

<TiVoClaudia> More questions entrager?

<Entrager> Could you explain what you mean by "quick advance"?

<TiVoClaudia> You will have the ability to use a shortcut to move to top or bottom of lists.

<gwm> is there any (un)support for disks larger than 137Gb....?

<Entrager> Sorry... one more question. I have 3.2-02 so that the TiVo can use a serial connection with my cable box... will 4.0 continue to support this?

<TiVoClaudia> Entrager - yes, you can still use serial with 4.0

<gwm> and how will the folders work...? Can I set up a 'his' and 'hers' folder? or does it just group programs like Trading Spaces (8)?

<gleffler> If anyone has a question, please feel free to just type it into the chat window, where one of the TiVo employees will read it

<TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry for the delays, we're finally all back in after the crash. If you sent us a question earlier, and it crashed, we lost it! Sorry. Ask again!

<TiVoOpsMgr> For those of you asking about the official release date, we can't reveal it at this time!

<TiVoOpsMgr> But Pony says... It's soon!

<TiVoOpsMgr> That took care of about 20 of your questions...

<TiVoPony> Hi mds!

<TiVoPony> Got a question?

<mds> What about us mac users?

<TiVoPony> We love mac users!

<TiVoPony> :)

<TiVoPony> You'll enjoy HMO too.

<mds> Yeah but can we HMO?

<TiVoPony> There's a mac app especially for you...

<mds> Yea

<TiVoPony> Now, we won't have full support for it on day one...meaning our customer support team won't be able to help you with it.

<TiVoPony> But it'll be available (and it works really well)

<TiVoPony> As a matter of fact, it does some things that the windows version doesn't. ;)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Gregstoll, you have a question about the release?

<gregstoll> About how long will it take for everyone to get 4.0 once it's released?

<TiVoOpsMgr> It'll be similar to other releases in most respects -- we'll start a bit slower at the beginning, then build up to get most folks within 6 to 8 weeks.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Unlike other releases, we'll have a priority on folks who are ordering the Home Media Option.

<TiVoOpsMgr> So, when we announce the date of the release, the fastest way to get 4.0 is to order the Home Media Option package.

<gregstoll> Makes sense. Thanks!

<TiVoOpsMgr> You'll be able to order via Manage My Account.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks for the question! Next person?

<TiVoClaudia> pjs2 -- you had a question?

<pjs2> ok to retype-- what other music formats (if any) will be supported by HMO other than mp3? (e.g., aiff, wav, ogg, aac, wma)

<TiVoClaudia> Initially, only MP3...but we expect lots of developer activity, so we're sure that this will evolve quickly...

<TiVoClaudia> pjs2, more questions?

<pjs2> third-party developers? how would that work?

<TiVoClaudia> we'll make available developer resources for third party developers.

<TiVoClaudia> pjs2 -- does this answer your question?

<pjs2> sort of. don't know how third parties would write audio decoders for the tivo hardware though.

<TiVoClaudia> For the HMO music functionality, you'll be streaming music from your PC or Mac to your TiVo...so you will be using an application on your computer to stream to your DVR. We expect developers to continue to enhance the application platform. Hope this helps - thanks!

<TiVoBill> Go ahead Darrelpr, you have a question about remote scheduling?

<Darrelpr> Yes - how close to the start time of a show can you actually schedule a recording?

<TiVoBill> It depends on if you have a broadband internet connection or not -- if you do, programs can be scheduled within an hour or so. If not, they are scheudled the next time your DVR connects to the TiVo service.

<TiVoBill> Any other questions?

<TiVoPony> I've seen them get scheduled in less than 15 minutes. ;)

<Darrelpr> Excellent. (I have broadband but even with that my old Replay unit had a 24-hour window.) Thanks.
* TiVoPony interjects on tivobill's answer ;)

<TiVoPony> Neil, got a question?

<Neilaevans> sorry if this was covered before, but is there anything further you can say about Directivos and HMO?

<TiVoPony> Unfortunately, no, we don't have anything to say about that. DIRECTV will be watching the launch of HMO on standalone systems very closely (I'd expect)...so the best way to vote is to run out, buy a couple of standalones, and order HMO on 'em. ;)

<TiVoClaudia> gwm - what's your question?

<gwm> i have a couple...

<TiVoClaudia> gwm - ok - what are your questionS?

<gwm> how will the folders option work.... is it per program, or can we have a 'his' and 'hers' folders

<TiVoClaudia> OK - Folder options is a popular question!

<gwm> also, will there be any (un)support for disks over 137Gb..... ?

<TiVoClaudia> If you choose to activate groups in Now Playing, then folders are automatically created by program or wishlist or TiVo Suggestions. Sorry, you can't name or create them for him and her...

<TiVoPony> Hey hey hey gwm...

<TiVoClaudia> gwm -- your next question now?

<TiVoPony> how many questions do you get? ;)

<gwm> so it will be like Trading Spaces(8)

<TiVoPony> The answer is no. There is no support for greater than 137Gb in 4.0

<TiVoClaudia> gwm - yes!

<gwm> thanks for those answers

<troyb> with 4.0 and usb network connection(public address) and a firewall, what ports that must be left open to allow the tivo2 to communicate with tivo service ?

<TiVoBill> Most of our testers didn't need to make any modifications to their firewalls, but we will be publishing a document describing the ports on our customer support site shortly after 4.0 becomes availlable

<TiVoBill> Any other questions?

<troyb> thanks, i'll keep an eye out for that document.

<troyb> will there be a copy of the transcript from this q&a session posted somewhere ?

<TiVoPony> Yep, we'll post a transcript. :)

<TiVoClaudia> mds -- you had a question?

<TiVoPony> That would be nice, wouldn't it? :D

<mds> Hi -- we have two DVR's at home and one at a vacation home -- how will that work for pricing.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi mds -- for the Home Media Option, it's $99 for the first one on the account, then $49. So if your vacation home unit is on the same account, it'll be $49. If it's on a different account, it'll be $99.

<TiVoOpsMgr> But, if you have them as two different accounts, you can request them to be "de-duped" so that it's one account.

<mds> thanks -- that is good news!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Note that for Multi-Room Viewing, you must have them on the SAME NETWORK!

<mds> Sigh...

<TiVoOpsMgr> So you will NOT be able to send shows from your living room to your vacation home.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks mds. Next question!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi gregstoll, you had a question about Linux?

<gregstoll> You talked about HMO for macs - how about for Linux?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Sad to say, we do not have a Linux PC client for the Home Media Option.

<TiVoOpsMgr> ...at this time.

<TiVoOpsMgr> We hope to have some positive news in the future, but at launch, it'll only be PCs and Macs.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Next question!

<TiVoPony> mactivoheaven...got a question? :)

<mactivoheaven> Is it possible to stream an internet radio station through iTunes to my TiVo?

<TiVoPony> Oooooo....that would be fun, wouldn't it? :D

<mactivoheaven> I want streamingsoundtracks.com on my TiVo!

<TiVoPony> I can definitely say that there is no support for this in 4.0. ;)

<mactivoheaven> Or other stations.. :)

<mactivoheaven> Ok, THANKS!

<mactivoheaven> Understood.

<TiVoPony> anything else?

<mactivoheaven> Not yet...

<TiVoPony> ok...next question. :)

<TiVoOpsMgr> For folks just joining us, we're not announcing the release date at this time. But it's soon....

<TiVoClaudia> markp99 -- what's your question?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Ah well. Before he left, his question was what's our favorite Home Media Option feature and why...

<TiVoOpsMgr> I hear that Claudia *loves* her photos...

<TiVoClaudia> Oh yeah -- and Stephen jams with his music all the time!!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hey, markp99's back.

<TiVoPony> I've heard that Bill likes to lay in bed, watch a show, and run to the other room to watch the rest of it...his is multi room viewing. ;)

<TiVoPony> Run Bill, Run!

<TiVoPony> :)

<TiVoBill> A little bird told me that TiVoPony LOVES remote scheduling since he is always at work and never actually gets to scheudle things on his DVR

<TiVoOpsMgr> Any other questions, mark?

<TiVoPony> I've got the memory of a peanut. :(

<TiVoPony> I always forget to schedule my shows. tis true.

<mactivoheaven> One thing, can you provide any more detail as to the options in viewing photos? For example, what slideshow options, music with slideshows, image rotation, etc...

<TiVoClaudia> mactivoheaven -- you will have options on your TiVo for photos and for music -- but separately. For photos, you can view a single photo or a slideshow and you can rotate the photos on the fly. You can also repeat a show.

<mactivoheaven> Will it fade between photos, or are there any other prefs?

<TiVoClaudia> For music, you can play one song or a folder or a playlist. You can set to play your entire collection -- in order or randomly. Sorry, you can't play music and view photos together!

<TiVoClaudia> Did that answer your question?

<mactivoheaven> Yes! Are there any other cool photo capabilities?

<TiVoClaudia> You can control timing between photos in a slideshow, but not the fading type of option.

<TiVoBill> Go ahead MDS..

<mds> When you transfer a program from one DVR to another can you watch in"real time"/

<TiVoBill> It depends on the quality of the program and the speed of your network.

<TiVoBill> High quality tends to go at real time, Best usually doesn't.. Medium and Basic usually can

<TiVoBill> In fact, Medium and basic often go faster than real time

<TiVoClaudia> Guest81672 --- what was your question?

<Guest81672> can we fast forward through ps songs

<TiVoClaudia> Ah yes, of course! You can fast forward, rewind, pause or skip to the next song...you use your remote the same you always use it with your DVR!

<Guest81672> Perfect

<TiVoClaudia> Next question...
-gleffler- You're on the air! Please ask your question again for the audience.

<TiVoPony> Megazone! Got a question?

<TiVoClaudia> Bye everyone -- this has been great fun!!

<TiVoPony> Bye Claudia!

<megazone> Are the USB2.0 ports on newer units enabled in 4.0? And is 802.11a/g supported, or just 802.11b?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Bill, Pony and I don't have lives, so we're sticking around for a bit longer...
* TiVoPony nods in agreement

<TiVoPony> good question!

<TiVoPony> The answer is no. The ports on all Series2 standalones will operate at USB 1.1 speeds. A and G wireless aren't supported...just B.

<megazone> thanks

<TiVoPony> Who's next?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi xya, what's your question?

<xya> Was wondering if the Now Showing menu would be redesigned so that multiple episodes of the same show (say Simpsons) would be easier to pick from instead of having to go into each one and read the descriptions. (i hope this makes sense)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Yes! With folders in 4.0, most programs will show their title in the folder.

<xya> Thanks. Tivo rocks. Best purchase ... ever. ;)

<TiVoOpsMgr> So you can enter into your Simpson folder and see episodes like "Bart fails 1st grade"

<TiVoOpsMgr> Another tip works today: Go into your program descriptions, and use the Page Down button to move quickly from program to program.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks for the kind words! Best...question...ever...

<TiVoOpsMgr> Next!

<TiVoPony> Hi LtSparky...what's on your mind? :)

<LtSparky> Are there any plans for a Tivo+HMO discount or package deal? I'm really interested the multi-room viewing but only have one DVR. I may purchase a second in the future, but some type of discounted package deal might prompt me to buy sooner rather than later.

<TiVoPony> Everyone wants a deal! :)

<LtSparky> You know it. :D

<TiVoPony> Nope, no special deals...it's $99 for the first system, and $49 for each additional...that's for the HMO package.

<TiVoPony> Who's next?

<TiVoBill> Hi Flar, what is your question?

<flar> I had 2, so I'm not sure which to ask. I'll ask if Multi-Room Viewing must involve transferring the program or if you can watch it "from the other TiVo unit" without affecting your Now Playing

<TiVoBill> Once you start a transfer, you can start watching it on the destination DVR. Depending on your network speed, it may pause if you catch up to "live". You can also transfer from a pause point if you start a program in one room and then want the transfer the remaining part to another room.

<TiVoPony> Run Bill, Run! :)

<flar> It then ends up in "Now Playing" on the second TiVo?

<TiVoPony> I told you guys Bill liked multi room viewing. :)

<TiVoBill> Yes, just like if it was recording..

<TiVoBill> which it is!

<TiVoBill> Did you have a second question?

<flar> My other question was simply if Series 1's will get 4.0 for the non-HMO features like folders.

<TiVoPony> Good question!

<TiVoPony> I get asked that alot! :)

<TiVoPony> The answer is...we haven't announced anything. That's not to say we will, or we won't...just that we haven't. No answer today!

<flar> Thanks!

<garypratt> Can folders be set up to display shows by date order so we can watch the oldest show first?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi garypratt. Yes, 4.0 has sorting orders with or without folders that can let you put the oldest-recorded show first.

<TiVoOpsMgr> You can also organize it alphabetically.

<garypratt> I didn't realize that - thanks! :)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Actually, it won't be the oldest show first -- it'll be at the bottom of the list, with the newest one first.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks for the question.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi Guest25060, you're up! What's your question?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Are you there, Mr. 25060?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Bill will answer him anyway...

<TiVoBill> guest 25060 was asking about how long it will take to release 4.0. It will take several weeks once the rollout begins -- customers who purchase Home Media Option will be first in line.

<TiVoOpsMgr> It'll take quite a bit of time for ALL of the Series2 owners to get 4.0, just like in previous releases. Probably about a month or so.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Ok, next!

<TiVoPony> Bedelman...your turn!

<TiVoPony> What's your question?

<TiVoPony> That's fine. What's your question?

<bedelman1> So, if I have two TiVo's can I schedule two different shows that air at the same time and then use MRV to move the other show over?

<bedelman1> Kind of like having two tuners?

<TiVoPony> Absolutely! It's like having two tuners!

<bedelman1> Any chance of having cooperative scheduling?

<TiVoPony> One caveat...

<TiVoPony> You can't transfer a show that's currently recording.

<TiVoPony> It has to finish recording first. Then you transfer

<TiVoPony> Nope, no collaboration...that would be cool, huh? :)

<TiVoPony> Who's next?
* TiVoPony thanks bedelman

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi megazone, what's your question?

<megazone> Developer resources were mentioned early in the chat - will TiVo be releasing the specification for the protocols used in HMO?

<TiVoOpsMgr> We can't give you an official answer for right now, but keep your eyes on tivo.com!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry to be vague...

<megazone> When you buy HMO, does it follow the unit like lifetime?

<megazone> No problem :-)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Yes!

<TiVoOpsMgr> It's not EXACTLY the same as lifetime, since we consider it a software purchase, but it's very similar from the end user's point of view.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Next person please...

<xya> Can you turn off the auto-rewind/forward when searching? Or at least adjust the # of seconds it goes foward/back?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Nope! Sorry...

<TiVoOpsMgr> Next person please!

<TiVoPony> I think that's miker! He's back!

<miker> Will the HMO software continue to evolve and get new features and if it does will the I get the new versions free if I purchase HMO now?

<TiVoPony> And he's a fast typer!

<TiVoPony> :)

<miker> :)

<miker> and didnt even change my question

<TiVoPony> You want to know about the NEXT Release??!?!?!??!
* TiVoPony collapses on the floor

<miker> no...

<TiVoPony> We're a bit busy on this release at the moment.

<miker> if there is a next release of HMO does will the purchase of 1.0

<miker> include any updates

<TiVoPony> Nothing has been announced about future versions of HMO. Sorry

<TiVoPony> Good question, but no answer today.

<garypratt> Will TCO or Tivo Central ever have a TV Guide type grid to see all the shows on during a block of time (ie primetime)?

<TiVoPony> It doesn't today...

<garypratt> I knew that....:)

<TiVoPony> But that doesn't mean it couldn't down the road.

<TiVoPony> You expect us to commit...in public...in writing? ;)

<garypratt> but I think it would be a great sales tool for TiVo!!!

<garypratt> nah, but wanted you to know it would be great to have....

<TiVoPony> There are a lot of things we can do with the online version

<TiVoPony> As a matter of fact...you can click on an actor's name and see everything else they're appearing in. Cool, eh? :)

<garypratt> :)

<TiVoPony> So we have lots of things in mind...but not announced yet! :)

<TiVoPony> Next!
* TiVoPony realizes we're almost out of time!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi homer, what's your question please?

<homer2568> what will the window button on my remote do?"

<homer2568> will it be functional in 4.0?

<TiVoPony> I'll take it!

<TiVoPony> That one's mine!

<TiVoPony> Everybody stay away from that one!

<TiVoPony> Oh darn...

<TiVoPony> Do I still have to answer?

<TiVoPony> :)
* TiVoOpsMgr slaps Pony upside the face

<TiVoPony> ok...

<TiVoPony> Well, the window button...

<TiVoPony> It's sort of like your appendix...

<TiVoPony> You don't know why you have it, but you shouldn't mess with it!

<TiVoPony> :)

<homer2568> so that means.....

<homer2568> it does.....

<TiVoOpsMgr> I think what's he saying is that there will be no change for the "window" button's functionality between 3.2 and 4.0.

<TiVoPony> Yeah, that's it.

<TiVoPony> Next!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Hi gregstoll!

<gregstoll> If I remotely schedule a program to record, what happens if there is a conflict?

<gregstoll> (hi!)

<TiVoBill> It works just syncing a Palm Pilot... if a conflict occurs, it is resolved according to the options that you set up when you scheudled the recording. You'll also get an e-mail confirmation about if it was or was not scheduled.

<TiVoOpsMgr> So, you can either have the PC override the TiVo, or the TiVo override the PC. You specify what you want when you schedule the recording.

<TiVoBill> Exactly.

<gregstoll> ok. Thanks!

<gleffler> And the last question:

<megazone> Will we be able to see our current programming on TCO - Now Playing, To Do, etc?

<TiVoPony> Megazone...nope, none of that is available online.

<TiVoPony> You can search for shows, schedule them (including season passes, with all of the trimmings).

<TiVoPony> but you don't have access to your to do list or now playing list.

<homer2568> If i told my tivo "update me first" and you said that the ppl who ordered HMO will be the first to get it.....who will get it first?

<TiVoOpsMgr> Actually, it'll depend on how many Home Media Option orders we get.

<TiVoOpsMgr> First in queue will be people who said they wanted Home Media Option first.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Then, we'll give 4.0 to anyone who "requested it first" in the order we received the request.

<TiVoOpsMgr> After that, we'll look at folks who expressed an interest on our Web page.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Then it'll be random.

<TiVoOpsMgr> All told, about eight weeks to release it to EVERYONE.

<TiVoPony> Ok...that's it!

<TiVoPony> Thanks everyone!

<TiVoBill> Thanks for stopping by everybody... more soon :)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Like Bill and Pony.

<TiVoPony> And thanks to gleffler for hosting - great job!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Yeah, thanks gleffler!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Sorry to everyone who asked a question we didn't get to, or couldn't answer.
* gleffler takes a bow

<gleffler> :)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Also, thanks to everyone who sent us a comment -- sorry we couldn't always reply individually, be we did see them and appreciate them.

<TiVoOpsMgr> "but" we did see them.

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks Bill!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks Pony!

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks Mom!

<TiVoOpsMgr> I saw that Kitsap!

<TiVoPony> gleffler...open the forum!

<gleffler> And now, we open the channel for comments

<TiVoPony> and a little light music and dancing. ;)

<Eccles> Thanks, TiVoFolks!
* TiVoOpsMgr braces himself for the flood!

<megazone> thanks folks!

<markp99> where are the snacks?

<gregstoll> thanks all!

<garypratt> Thanks for the chat and a great product!!! :)

<mds> Nice workeverybody!!

<TK421> thanks for the chat guys

<Guest27810> thanks

<es_> i'm glad to hear you guys haven't ruled out folders for series 1 tivos :)

<miker> yes thanks for the chat... nice +v ing gleffler :)

<gleffler> Hey, it was all the TiVo guys work, I just did the legwork ;)

<mds> ps TiVoOps Mgr-- good work getting on the issues raised i the forums!! -- you should get big bucks!

<TiVoOpsMgr> And Pony is da man!

<TiVoPony> gleffler! gleffler! :)

<TiVoOpsMgr> Thanks mds!

<TiVoPony> Maybe we should do this again sometime....

<TiVoOpsMgr> Also, don't pay too close attention to our CEO in that Reuters article... He didn't say next week, the person who wrote that article did.

<TiVoOpsMgr> April has 30 days...

<mds> This was a pretty stealth event -- but great turnout nonetheless

<megazone> TiVo folks: While you're here, are these guys legit: http://www.servicedvr.com/

<megazone> They claim to be an official upgrade/service center for philips TiVos.

<TiVoPony> megazone...they're the company that Philips chose to provide ongoing assistance to their TiVo customers...we're not involved with them at all.

<megazone> TiVoPony - but they *are* legit then, ok, cool

<TiVoPony> We're going to bow out and let you all chat amongst yourselves...

<TiVoBill> Gota run everybody... thanks for all the great questions!