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Well, I don’t know how long this has been up there, but I just discovered that allows scheduling recordings on your TiVos, just as Yahoo! TV, AOL, and do. First you need to link your Zap2it account with your TiVo account, then you can use the little TiVo guy icon that appears in show listings to schedule the recordings. See the Zap2it TiVo page for more information.

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  • Dave Zatz

    Folks should remember that the TiVo scheduling credentials also allow access to unit management, contain their home address, etc. I’ve been reluctant to try any of these other services, except for Yahoo who already knows all my personal details anyway.

  • audio

    I also had a seriously disappointing experience with Dish Network. First, the quality SUCKED compared to my digital cable.

    Second, they tried to raise the rates while I was UNDER CONTRACT.

    I finally got out of the contract early due to a technicality; I never initialled that I wanted an 18 month contact on the installation work order.

    Back to cable. Not to happy with the TiVo and HDTV cable box setup but once I get my TiVo HD I will be much more happy.

  • audio

    This was actually a response to a comment on the Dish Network article.

    I had two windows open at the same time and posted to the wrong one.


  • megazone

    Dave – Good point. When they first introduced online scheduling I suggested to TiVo that they allow users to create ‘sub-accounts’ that have limited powers, such as just being able to schedule recordings and *not* have full access to MMA. That way owners could give roommates, other family members (the kids, etc), access to schedule things without mucking with the account. *AND* it would allow you to use a sub-account with 3rd parties and not give away the whole farm.

    Unfortunately, they haven’t done that.

    Audio – No problem. If you want, repost the comment on the correct entry and I’ll delete these. :-)

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