PodShow content coming soon to TiVoCast

It looks like PodShow is preparing to bring their content to TiVoCast. Why do I say that? Well TiVoCast.PodShow.com is a bit of a giveaway. As the site says:

PodShowTV Is on Its Way!

The best entertainment on PodShow is coming soon to your TV. How is that even possible? Just take our word — it’s easy. Through TiVoCast, we will deliver the best full-screen shows direct to your living room.

Once we go live on TiVo, here’s how you can get a Season Pass to The Best Of PodShow TV. It’s absolutely free, and you’ll never miss an episode!
* Go to TiVo Central.
* Go to “Find Programs.”
* Go to “TiVoCast” (or “Download TV and Movies” on some systems).
* Choose the program you’d like to receive (PodShow TV, or any of our affiliated shows).
* Choose “Get Season Pass” from the show menu. It’s that simple!
* Every new episode will automatically download to your TiVo box, and appear in your “Now Playing List” just like regular television recordings.

Keep an eye on this Webpage for further information.


It sounds we’ll be able to subscribe to individual video blogs – “Choose the program you’d like to receive (PodShow TV, or any of our affiliated shows)” – and the page shows a number of ‘channels’. Very interesting – I’ll be keeping an eye out for an official announcement.

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    I am trying to figure out what this Podshow is. It looks like a site where most anyone can register and put up video podcasts, and where viewers can manage their viewing/receipt of such podcasts.

    The PR mentions a Best of PodShow TV for TiVoCast, so maybe its a selection of videos each week like many of the other TiVoCast items are selections from a broader list?