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Warner Bros. to remain dual-format for now – TotalHD on hold

TWICE magazine posted an article which contains a Q&A with Warner Home Video’s President, Ron Sanders. The the Q&A Sanders says that their TotalHD Blu-ray/HD DVD combination disc format is on hold, as they’d be the only studio using it … Continue reading

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Ah, the Zap2it service is new!

So last night when I posted about the ability to schedule TiVo recordings from Zap2it.com it wasn’t something I’d just missed before – but actually a new service. They issued a press release today touting it – see below:

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TiVo Service Now Available to CABLEVISION Subscribers in Mexico City

As TiVo announced would happen on their quarterly conference call a couple of weeks ago, TiVo is now available to CABLEVISION subscribers in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the Series2DT hardware with the new Spanish-language port of the TiVo software … Continue reading

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Palm Europe launches the Treo 500v

So the wait is over and the mystery is solved – well, OK, there were so many leaks we really knew what was coming. But Palm made it official today. The Treo 500v smartphone launched on the Vodafone network throughout … Continue reading

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PodShow content coming soon to TiVoCast

It looks like PodShow is preparing to bring their content to TiVoCast. Why do I say that? Well TiVoCast.PodShow.com is a bit of a giveaway. As the site says: PodShowTV Is on Its Way! The best entertainment on PodShow is … Continue reading

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