Major change – WordPress!

Well, if you visit the site you’ll probably notice a major change. I’ve been working for a while on setting up WordPress to use on the site, and I just flipped the switch to make it live. To jump start things, I’ve exported all of my past posts from the Live Journal community and imported them into WordPress. Just the posts I made – it would not be cool to appropriate posts others have made in the community, of course. (And not quite all of my posts, I discarded a few that didn’t make any sense to bring over.)

What does this mean for the LJ community? Not much, really. I fully intend to keep posting TiVo-related posts to both the blog and the community. So why setup the blog? I’ve long felt conflicted about what I post in the community. While TiVo is my main focus, I’m also interested in many other products and technologies. However, since the LJ community is really supposed to be just about TiVo, I’ve always felt conflicted about posting on other issues, and so I’ve refrained from making a number of posts.

So, the blog will give me a place to post more freely about whatever tech catches my eye, while the ‘off topic’ non-TiVo posts to the community will drop off. I will continue to maintain the LJ community as a TiVo resource for the LJ users, while WordPress on the site will function as a more traditional blog.

Some of the posts came out worse for the wear after going through the LJ export, WP import meat grinder. I’ve fixed some of the recent posts, and over time I’ll try to go back through the archive and clean up the markup on the older posts.

I’m also still feeling my way with WordPress and I may be tweaking the layout and such over time.

Thank you, and welcome to the next phase in the evolution of TiVo Lovers. :-)

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