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Is Cisco getting into the DVR market?

Well, that’s something of a trick question. Cisco owns Scientific Atlanta, so they’re really already in the DVR market. But are they getting into the consumer market? Possibly. Over the past few years, Cisco has made a number of acquisitions … Continue reading

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How much do you love TiVo?

Enough to have a TiVo themed wedding? Well, Andy and Tina Szeto love TiVo that much! TiVo donated their antenna headbands for all of the attendees as well as a mound of TiVo plushies, and the wedding cakes were his … Continue reading

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TiVo launches new feature – Universal Swivel Search

TiVo is launching a new feature on Tuesday, Universal Swivel Search. TiVoPony has announced it in a post at TiVoCommunity.com and USA Today already has an article on it. It will be rolling out to units with broadband over the … Continue reading

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