TiVo Extends Promotional Pricing, Including Lifetime, For Existing Users Through July 2, 2008

I was just thinking about posting a reminder that the promotional pricing was about to expire on April 2, and TiVo goes and extends it through July 2. If you go to the ‘Choose a price plan’ page and then login you’ll see the text at the bottom now says:“These special prices expire on July 2, 2008.” Those prices are $9.95/month MSD, $99 1-year pre-paid, or $399 for product lifetime.

Note that the ‘Plan Details’ pop-up for lifetime still says the offer expires on February 13, 2008. TiVo forgot to update it the last time they extended the offer, and it looks like they’ve forgotten again. (*nudge*)

While I’m checking on things, it looks like they extended another offer as well. The offer to purchase a new TiVo HD and get three months of free service had expired back on February 17, but it has been resurrected and is now good through June 30, 2008. You buy the TiVo HD for $299.99, commit to one year of TiVo service @ $12.95/month, and the first three months of that year are free.

However, the TiVo HD with product lifetime bundle offer does still appear set to expire on April 1, 2008. That’s a TiVo HD with a TiVo WiFi adapter and product lifetime for $698.99. Or the TiVo HD with a TiVo WiFi adapter and a $100 service gift card for $399.99.

Of course, once the bundle expires existing subscribers will still be able to buy the TiVo HD and WiFi adapter, then pick up product lifetime for $399 when activating, as above.

Another deal that’s still set to expire, the factory-renewed TiVo HD for $199.99 deal is set to expire on April 2, 2008. That’s a factory-renewed TiVo HD for $199.99, with a commitment for 1-year of services at $12.95/month, or one-year pre-paid service at $129.

And if you don’t need the TiVo HD and a Series2DT would do you quite nicely, you can get one of those for free. There are various promotions out there to support different organizations which will get you a free S2DT, that one happens to be for the National Council of Women’s Organizations.

TiVo has their usual web specials as well.

Thanks to a reader for the tip on the July 2 extension.

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  • Tony

    This would be a great way to spend the economic stimulus money you will get in May! I bought the new HD with lifetime service back in December when the offer first came out. I could not be happier with the HD, love the dual tuner and the ability to record HD content. I still have my Series 2 with lifetime service also; I keep my non-HD content on there.