Despite Expiration, TiVo Lifetime Still Available

The offer for existing TiVo owners to buy product lifetime service with any new TiVo activation for $399 was supposed to expire on February 13th. In fact, the TiVo website still says so. However, if you login to an existing account the $399 lifetime offer is still available with new product activation. Either this is an oversight on TiVo’s part, in not removing it from the site, or they’ve extended the offer and failed to update the T&Cs.

In any case, the TiVo HD with product lifetime bundle is still available through April 1, 2008.

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  • James

    Spoke to a senior customer service rep on the 13th of February and was told that TiVo has in fact extended the Lifetime offering until April 2nd. I was also told that they removed the restrictions on the upgrade transfer of lifetime service from a series 2 box w/ lifetime to a new HD box.

    So even though my lifetime started on Jan of 2005 on my series 2 single tuner box I am now able to transfer it to a new HD box for $199 instead of having to wait the typical 4 years that they normally require. Prior to this change, in order for your old lifetime service to be transferable the unit had to be activated before Oct. 2003

    And thx for the reply on the cable card issue, I figured I should still be getting the normal digital channels and their was probably something wrong with the CableCard. It just has been so long since I used a Card I wasn’t 100%. Spoke to a Brighhouse Tech that actually ownes a TiVo and he told me whenever BH makes a change in lineup adding or removing channels the CableCards have a tendency to stop working correctly when it comes to the digital channels, when asked why do I still receive the HD channels through the same card but not the digital channels in the 100 range if the card is malfunctioning his response was…”I wish I knew, I also lost only the digital channels and not the HD with this recent change minus of course the HD channels that BH intentionally took away.” He also stated the only way he has been able to get the digital channels that were missing back(100-200 range of channels)was to replace the CableCard.