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Despite Toshiba Price Cuts, Blu-ray Players Continue To Dominate

TWICE magazine reports that leaked NPD figures show Blu-ray is still dominating player sales. For the week ending January 26th Blu-ray claimed 65% of standalone player sales to HD DVD’s 28%. And 6% went to the combo players. (The other … Continue reading

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Boston Area TV Ad For Comcast DVR With TiVo Service

Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny captured the Comcast DVR With TiVo Service ad currently running in the Boston area and posted it on YouTube:

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Netflix To Drop HD DVD, Best Buy To Push Blu-ray, HD DVD To Weep Quietly

HD DVD got two heaping scoops of bad news today. One wonders how long Toshiba and the rest of the HD DVD camp will maintain their “Everything going remarkably well!” delusional stance. Hey, HD DVD, to quote: “No you’re not, … Continue reading

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