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Thank You Jeremy

Jeremy, thank you for the TiVo Rewards Referral. One down, two to go to meet my challenge. And don’t forget the TiVo HD giveaway entry deadline is less than five hours away!

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TiVo Completely Changes Their Interface Design

A number of people have been asking for it, and TiVo has finally made drastic changes to the interface design – of their website. (Gotcha.) Sometime overnight TiVo appears to have launched a new corporate website design. Last night when … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Amazon Unbox Sale

Continuing their Sci-Fi month, this weekend Amazon Unbox offers four titles, each just $0.99: Men in Black, Gattaca, Plan 9 From Outer Space, and Resident Evil: Extinction. Additionally, it looks like 30 Days Of Night is also only $0.99.

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CableCARD, SDV, And The Tuning Resolver

Wow, in the past couple of days there has been an interesting flurry of online activity about CableCARD, Switched Digital Video (SDV), and the Tuning Resolver. HD GURU posted an ‘investigative report’ entitled “How The Cable Industry Plans to Cheat … Continue reading

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Is The Gourmet Channel A TiVoCast Vanguard?

TiVo recently added The Gourmet Channel to their TiVoCast lineup. MediaWeek takes a closer look at the addition, which may be the vanguard of a new trend for TiVo and TiVoCast. TiVo is looking for more original content to differentiate … Continue reading

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