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After-Market Add-Ons For Your Slingbox Add Functionality

It seems that for every gizmo and gadget that is released these days a community of hackers and after-market vendors springs up to offer add-ons to power users and geeks to soup them up. Of course, most people are familiar … Continue reading

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Worth1000 Fake Vintage TiVo Ads

Worth1000 is holding a contest wherein users create vintage ads for modern products, or modern ads for vintage products, and two of the entries are vintage ads for TiVo. Life Before Betamax and Television Recorder. I quite like the first … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Gains Ground While HD DVD Fades Away

This week’s Nielsen VideoScan numbers from Home Media Magazine show that, for the week ended 3/30, HD DVD faded to 16% of the high-def market, with Blu-ray at 84%. That puts them at 67/33 since inception. But more interesting is … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Amazon Unbox Sale

Actually, this may be more than just a weekend sale, as Amazon Unbox says “Celebrate Sci-Fi Month with 99-Cent Movies”, and the $.99 movies they’re offering include Supernova, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Special Edition), and Ghostbusters. Unrelated to … Continue reading

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