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Blockbuster To Release Their Own Movie STB

Blockbuster seems to be perpetually behind Netflix in the rental market. Netflix pioneered rent-by-mail, eventually Blockbuster jumped into the market as well as they saw it eroding rentals from their stores. Then Netflix rolled out online streaming, and roughly eight … Continue reading

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Chinese Blu-ray Players To Flood The Market In 2009

According to China Tech News, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has approved eleven Chinese firms, ncluding TCL, Malata, and Desay, to begin producing Blu-ray players and discs, starting in 2009. While some HD DVD die hards pointed to CH-DVD as … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Gains Ground While HD DVD Fades Away

This week’s Nielsen VideoScan numbers from Home Media Magazine show that, for the week ended 3/30, HD DVD faded to 16% of the high-def market, with Blu-ray at 84%. That puts them at 67/33 since inception. But more interesting is … Continue reading

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HD DVD’s Last Gasps, War Becomes BD Versus DVD

A small change in Home Media Magazine reflects the much larger change in the batter for home video. The Nielsen VideoScan pie-charts, which used to show BD vs. HD DVD for the week ended, year-to-date, and since inception now show … Continue reading

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Home Media Magazine Compares Video Download Boxes

This issue of Home Media Magazine has an article, ‘Battle of the Boxes‘, which compares the four main options for watching broadband downloaded video on your TV: TiVo, Apple TV, VUDU, and Xbox 360. Overall the article is kind of … Continue reading

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