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In The Interest Of Full Disclosure

I mentioned recently that I was laid off on Friday, March 28. Today I started a new job – with Sling Media. I’ll be working with Sling as a contractor, as a Senior Project Manager. Right now it is a … Continue reading

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Wal*Mart Offering HD DVD Player Refunds

Joining Best Buy and Circuit City, Wal*Mart is offering an olive branch for the suckersunfortunates who were left with an abandoned format when HD DVD threw in the towel. Wal*Mart will allow you to return your HD DVD player for … Continue reading

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Freeview No Threat To TiVo Australia According To CNET

CNET Australia, responding to an article in MISAustralia / Financial Review, breaks down why they feel that the talk of Freeview in Australia is just a smoke-screen and not a real threat to Seven Network’s deployment of TiVo. The MIS/FI … Continue reading

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Amazon Unbox And TiVo Provide A Geek His BSG Fix

Jeff Haywood of The Grand Rapids Press blogged about a different way to use Amazon Unbox on TiVo – as an alternative to subscribing to a higher tier of cable. Jeff and his wife are big Battlestar Galactica fans (and … Continue reading

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TiVo And Slingbox Are Changing The TV Landscape

Jason Fry of the Wall Street Journal has taken a look at how time-shifting via TiVo and place-shifting via Slingbox are changing the TV landscape and the social aspect of TV viewing. “Today my TV is not your TV, and … Continue reading

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