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Mediaweek Begins DVR Analysis Series

Mediaweek has begun a series of articles on DVR usage based on exclusive research by consumer research and consulting firm OTX. Considering Mediaweek’s audience, it isn’t surprising that they’re focused on the influence of DVRs on advertising and ratings. The … Continue reading

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Is The Gourmet Channel A TiVoCast Vanguard?

TiVo recently added The Gourmet Channel to their TiVoCast lineup. MediaWeek takes a closer look at the addition, which may be the vanguard of a new trend for TiVo and TiVoCast. TiVo is looking for more original content to differentiate … Continue reading

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HD Radio Begins iTunes Tagging

As iTunes, and the iPod, continue to dominate the music market, and satellite radio is growing, terrestrial radio is looking for ways to remain relevant and maintain their audience – and revenue. A major push as been to ‘HD Radio’, … Continue reading

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