Comcast Accepts TiVo Interactive Advertising Management System

A brief announcement today via an SEC filing from TiVo:

On March 31, 2008, Comcast accepted the initial version of the TiVo Interactive Advertising Management System for future deployment on Comcast platforms. This acceptance occurred by the mutually agreed deadline of March 31, 2008.

While most of the focus has been on TiVo’s OCAP/Tru2Way software, another part of their partnership is advertising across Comcast’s step top boxes.

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  • HDTiVo

    Did they mention a time frame for the tuning resolver?

  • HDTiVo

    This 8-K contains the following potentially interesting item:

    Additionally, our board, at the recommendation of the compensation committee, has approved a revised individual milestone plan for one of our named executive officers, James Barton. The revised individual milestone plan provides additional incentives and rewards superior performance around key corporate objectives. In fiscal year 2009, Mr. Barton is eligible to receive a targeted milestone bonus of cash and restricted stock upon the delivery of certain specified research and development objectives.

  • HDTiVo

    Meanwhile, that same Mr. B cashed in a nice chunk of change lately…

    filed on a form said to expire 1/31/08. :o

  • MegaZone

    No mention of the Tuning Resolver.

  • Michael Burstin

    Anyone know any details on OCAP/Tru2Way — will it be an application layer on top of a series 3/TivoHD box, or new platform?

  • MegaZone

    There are two sides – what I was referring to in the post is the OCAP software TiVo has written that runs on Comcast (and Cox) cable set top boxes.

    It does sound like TiVo is developing a standalone box with the ability to act as a host to OCAP applications, and that will be a new box as it requires hardware not in the S3/HD – the bidirectional communication hardware. It may be possible for an S3/HD to handle it by using a Tuning Resolver for that hardware, but that’s speculation.

  • Michael Burstin

    Ok, I know all about ComcastTivo (had it for about 2 months now). I wasn’t sure whether the tuning resolver would allow S3/HD to run the bidirectional stuff or not. I’ve been sticking with the Comcast box for now, but I’d love a real Tivo, with MRV, HMO, etc, for my HDTV, but don’t want to buy one now if a future box gives me the additional bi-directional stuff.

    Hopefully we’ll find out soon!