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TiVo’s Tara Maitra Talks Advertising, And Suddenlink’s Thomas McMillin Talks TiVo

Tara Maitra, TiVo’s senior vice president and general manager for content and media sales, talked to Consumer Electronics Daily (CED) about advertising during the recent Digital Hollywood event in NYC. She said that TiVo needs to approach 10 million subscribers … Continue reading

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DVR Viewing Improves Ratings – But Does It Matter?

A couple of week’s back The New York Times published a story entitled “DVRs and Streaming Prompt a Shift in the Top-Rated TV Shows“. The basic premise of the article is that when you count DVR time-shifted viewing in shows … Continue reading

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AT&T AdWorks To Share Data With TiVo

Fresh on the heels of their legal settlement with AT&T it seems there aren’t any hard feelings, as TiVo and AT&T have entered into an agreement to share viewing data between TiVo and AT&T AdWorks. The agreement will allow TiVo … Continue reading

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TiVo Ending Affiliate Program

For a number of years now, TiVo has had an affiliate program for sites, such as this one, to earn commissions on sales referrals. The site runs TiVo ads or users their affiliate links, and TiVo pays a bounty on … Continue reading

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TiVo Stop||Watch Delves Deeper Into Superbowl Results

Following up on their initial Superbowl ad results TiVo used Stop||Watch to look at the past success of this year’s advertisers – and issued a press release with their analysis, of course. For example, Superbowl top-place advertiser GoDaddy.com had 35% … Continue reading

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