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DVR Viewing Improves Ratings – But Does It Matter?

A couple of week’s back The New York Times published a story entitled “DVRs and Streaming Prompt a Shift in the Top-Rated TV Shows“. The basic premise of the article is that when you count DVR time-shifted viewing in shows … Continue reading

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Time Warner Cable to Subsidize Customer Slingbox Purchases

The New York Times is reporting that, beginning sometime in September, Time Warner Cable will begin subsidizing customer purchases of a Slingbox. They don’t name the model specifically in the article, but the image associated is of the Slingbox PRO-HD … Continue reading

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TiVo Cites NY Times In Urging FCC to Intensify CableCARD Oversight

Apparently TiVo felt the same way that I did about a recent NY Times Gadgetwise Blog entry detailing the author’s difficulties in getting a TiVo Premiere provisioned with Time Warner Cable. The entry is typical of user complaints about cable … Continue reading

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NY Times Blog Entry on TiVo is Really an Indictment of Cable MSOs

The New York Times’ Gadgetwise Blog on Monday posted an entry about TiVo entitled “TiVo, Nice Service if You Can Get It“. It is generally favorable about TiVo itself, but makes it sound like the hassle of getting TiVo may … Continue reading

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TiVo Really Is Economical

There was a fun article in Wednesday’s New York Times, in the Freakonomics Blog – TiVo Economics. In it economist Justin Wolfers looks at TiVo (and by extension, DVRs in general) from an economic standpoint. The value of the time … Continue reading

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