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Shout Out From Blake

Blake KrikorianWhat an exciting time to be a Slinger. The year started off with a bang as we had a killer Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not only did the traffic and interest in Sling products blow us away, our booth was honored as one of the top 25 at the show. In hindsight, I shouldn’t be surprised. How could anyone NOT be impressed after experiencing our awesome upcoming line-up? These exciting products and features are exactly what Slingbox customers have been clamoring for… and we’re prepared to deliver in 2008!

Sling Media Booth at 2008 International CES

One of the reasons we’ve got more time to listen to and develop for your needs is due to our acquisition by EchoStar last year. Often in these purchase situations, a company can lose its focus, but in our case it’s the exact opposite. We’ve maintained our charter and have deeper resources now. We’ve got our heads down and are focused on what we do best: finding and developing the products, new features, and services you’re asking for. We continue to expand our placeshifting ecosystem by concentrating on building the best possible experience for YOU, our fantastic and amazing customers. Without YOU, we’d just be sitting around watching TV… probably far from home.

So what’s next? We’re entering the next chapter of this amazing ride and we have ginormous plans in the works. So buckle up. It’s going to be fun. Stay tuned!

Blake Krikorian
Sling Media

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·The Summer of Sling!
·Refer a friend and earn $10.
·Even the animals Sling!

Refer a friend and earn $10!

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Slingbox Spotlight
The Summer of Sling!
You spoke. We listened. Check out what’s coming soon:

Slingbox PRO-HD™
Slingbox PRO-HDSay hello to the next generation Slingbox- the PRO-HD. This is the first Slingbox capable of streaming high definition content from your home television source. That’s right. Now you can truly Sling your high definition shows (cable, satellite or over-the-air) to your computer. The Slingbox PRO-HD preserves the high resolution and surround sound of your content, while delivering it to a compatible laptop or desktop computer. So those of you who have purchased HDTVs and have signed up for HD service can continue to enjoy the benefits of HD quality picture anywhere in the world. All it takes is the revolutionary new Slingbox PRO-HD, an Internet connection and a computer. Slingbox PRO-HD will be available for purchase in Fall 2008 for a suggested retail price of $399.99.

The highly anticipated SlingCatcher is coming! SlingCatcher is a set-top box that will seamlessly deliver broadcast TV, Internet-based content, and personal media to your TV. The SlingCatcher does just that – it catches content from multiple sources and places, bringing them together for easy navigation and playback. SlingCatcherSlingCatcher is bundled with three built-in applications: SlingPlayer for TV, SlingSync, and SlingProjector. Together, these combine to create a unified media platform capable of pulling content from disparate places and consolidating them onto a single TV screen. With SlingCatcher you’ll have complete control of your personal media.

Slingers Zone
Refer a friend and earn $10.Refer a friend and earn $10.
Need a little extra money? Join the all-new Sling Bling rewards program. It’s a great way for you to make some extra cash. Just refer a friend and if they buy a Slingbox from Slingbox.com, we’ll give you a $10 reward card or cash*. It’s a win-win! Good for you because you get ten bucks. Good for your friend because, when they buy from Slingbox.com, they can save up to $30 dollars. That’s right. With Sling Bling, everyone gets a little “ka-ching!”

So, go Sling Bling now. Just go to my.tellapal.com/slingbling to sign up. And don’t forget to spread the word. Share this with your friends on Facebook, Myspace or where ever you socialize. Join now!

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Even the animals Sling!
A veterinarian in Akron, Ohio, has discovered several uses for his Slingbox. And he isn’t the only one in his “family” to enjoy it. All of his patients like it, too. The animals he cares for at his office love watching their friends and relatives on Animal Planet while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

His daughter is also a fan. While travelling far from home, she wanted to watch “The Goonies.” So he popped the DVD into his DVD player and his daughter was able to watch and control it remotely via the SlingPlayer on her laptop computer. “This was priceless for me to do this for her,” he says.

But this vet’s Slingbox is more than just an entertainment device. He was so happy with his first that he purchased a second one for his office. He connected it to a DVD player and three RCA cameras so that he can monitor the overall well-being of his patients when he’s not there. “My Slingbox allows me to keep a close eye on all of my critical care cases. Thank you, Sling!”

Even the animals Sling!
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