Good deal on a UPS

It is a good idea to put your electronics devices on a UPS – it helps protect them from surges and dirty power, as well as riding out any brownouts or short black outs. I keep all of my entertainment center devices – TV, TiVos, receiver, etc – connected to UPSes. I’ve had my power go out, flicker, etc, and my TiVos keep right on recording without a hiccup – let alone damage.

I just got a notice from that they’re offering the CyberPower 685VA 390W AVR UPS, with 8 outlets (4 UPS, 4 Surge only) as well as surge protection for RJ11/45 and coax, for $54.95 with free shipping. MSRP is $84.95, you save $30. That looks like a pretty good deal. I use similar Belkin UPSes for my gear, it is a good form factor – the widely spaced outlets allow for power adapters that many devices use.

(They have the Samsung HL-R6167W 61″ DLP TV for just $1,379.99 – but it is only 720p. I have the HL-S6187W – 1080p.)

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  • T-Man

    Just a word of caution. I have one of these and CyberPower units and mine has two problems.

    1) Use of the coax protection made several of my cable channels unviewable (either blank or highly
    pixelated). I had to call for a visit from the dreaded Comcast field person (something I otherwise
    avoid like the plague), who revealed that the CyberPower device’s grounding was causing the problem.
    All has been well since I stopped using this “feature.”

    2) Everytime I touch the CyberPower unit (mostly when I need to unplug and reboot the wireless router
    and cable modem) I get the “green screen of death” on my Tivo. It says that it might take up to 3 hours
    to repair, but each time it has only taken about 20 for my functionality to return.

    I believe this CyberPower UPS is defective and I will be returning it for replacement.

  • megazone

    The GSOD is totally strange. I could see a power fluctuation causing a reboot, but to trigger a GSOD is bizarre.

  • T-Man

    I figure that the outlet where I have plugged in my eSATA drive in an Antec drive enclosure is defective and any kind of movement causes the drive to shutdown briefly causing the GSOD.