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Man Marries TiVo in Controversial Ceremony

I love my TiVos, but I don’t love my TiVos, if you know what I mean. But I guess Bob Snert of Hackensack, NJ does. Hey, as long as it is a consenting relationship, I say go for it. The … Continue reading

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TiVo on Comcast $2.95 a month?

TiVo Blog discovered this image uploaded to Flickr today which appears to be a screen-capture of a chat between a customer and a Comcast support rep. In the chat the rep stared “…we do have a cost of $2.95 for … Continue reading

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Thank you Lyndon

Lyndon, thank you for the TiVo Rewards Referral.

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Following up this morning’s post on eSATA, et al

I’m still waiting to hear back from TiVo with official answers to the questions I posed in this morning’s post, but some of the answers seem to be coming in from the user community already. As many people are certainly … Continue reading

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Michael Bay is at it again – and Blu-ray continues to beat HD DVD

After some harsh words about Paramount selecting HD DVD over Blu-ray back in August, and then retracting them the next day, Michael Bay is at it again. In an interview with USA Today he dropped bombs like “It’s a good … Continue reading

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