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Blu-ray.com takes a trip on the Magical Blu-ray Tour

Josh from Blu-ray.com paid a visit to Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour when it hit Tysons Corner Center in McLean, VA on Saturday. He’s posted quite a detailed write-up with a number of photos, if you want to see how Disney … Continue reading

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CNET reviews Rhapsody on TiVo

Matthew Moskovciak over at CNET Networks has reviewed the recent release of Real Networks Rhapsody service on TiVo. He’s an existing Rhapsody subscriber, so he was able to review it from the point of view of an established user trying … Continue reading

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TiVo’s Senior VP of Advertising Sales, Karen Bressner

Brandweek has a profile piece on TiVo’s Karen Bressner, Senior VP of Advertising Sales. She joined TiVo in July after leaving her position as SVP for national advertising sales at Viacom International. She’s switched from selling ad spots to selling … Continue reading

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TiVo Comcast software spotted in the wild

Dave Zatz has photos of the new Comcast TiVo software over at ZatzNotFunny. Dave managed to find someone running the new TiVo software on a Comcast Motorola DCT3416 and he has a number of photos of the interface and the … Continue reading

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A video review of the TiVo HD

The site with a somewhat unwieldy name My New Favorite Song Ever!com has posted a video review of the TiVo HD. What does this have to do with music? Beats me – I guess the person who runs the site … Continue reading

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