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Netflix looking for more broadband distribution channels

Netflix has certainly had a rocky road when it comes to broadband content downloads. They announced a partnership with TiVo way back in 2004, which ultimately fizzled and died. They finally launched their online streaming service in January, over two … Continue reading

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TiVo’s Australian website updated – a hint of Flickr support coming?

While it has been up since at least June, and it has been updated before, TiVo’s Australian website has more meat now. Based on the ‘What is TiVo?’ page, it certainly sounds like Australians will be receiving most of the … Continue reading

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VUDU slashes price by $150 – now $250 for the box

A recent player in the Yet Another STB market, VUDU launched less that two months ago with a $399 price tag, but now they’ve cut the price to $249. I’d have to suspect that means early sales volumes were disappointing. … Continue reading

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Toshiba squashes Xbox-360-with-integrated-HD DVD rumor

Just a few days ago a rumor circulated that Toshiba was working with MS on an Xbox 360 with an integrated HD DVD drive, and, more outlandish, possibly a Toshiba-branded 360-based entertainment console. Well, Toshiba has stepped forward to kill … Continue reading

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$399.99 40GB PlayStation3 listed at Amazon

The Playstation 3 40GB Spider-Man Movie Pack is now listed at Amazon. This is the $399.99 40GB version of the PS3 which streets on November 2nd, and comes bundled with a Blu-ray copy of Spider-man 3. Amazon isn’t accepting pre-orders … Continue reading

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