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SlingCatcher packaging and details leaked – and SlingLink WIRELESS?

The Tomo Report has leaked photos of the forthcoming SlingCatcher’s packaging. They have pictures of the front and back of the box, and a (very, very blurry – someone needs a ‘macro mode’ on their camera) close-up of the system … Continue reading

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TiVo officially launches eSATA support – as well as MRV, TTG, and progressive downloads for the S3 & HD

We’ve known for a while that Multi-Room Viewing (MRV) and TiVoToGo (TTG – including TiVoToComeBack, TTCB) have been scheduled for release in November, and that TiVo promised eSATA support by the end of the year. And the recent release of … Continue reading

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Deals Deals Deals – Get your TiVo Deals! (Oh, and one on HD DVD)

Well, based on my affiliate report, the free TiVo Series2DT offer has certainly sparked interest. It seems quite a number of people are still interested in the Series2DT when it is free. It does make a nice secondary box for … Continue reading

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