Deals Deals Deals – Get your TiVo Deals! (Oh, and one on HD DVD)

Well, based on my affiliate report, the free TiVo Series2DT offer has certainly sparked interest. It seems quite a number of people are still interested in the Series2DT when it is free. It does make a nice secondary box for other rooms or it is perfect for those without HD or with analog-only cable.

The offer is still running, but who knows for how long? See my previous post for all the details, and remember to be sure to use the ‘Buy both and save’ button and not to put them (the unit and gift card) in your cart separately.

TiVo Series3 is down to $549.99, just $349.99 after the $200 rebate. You might shave a few dollars off of that with one of the other vendors selling through Amazon – but beware shipping costs. Amazon is offering free shipping, and some of the others don’t, and end up costing more in the end.

And the TiVo HD is just $253.88! Same caution as with the S3. Personally, with the S3 being just $96.11 more (after rebate), I’d go with the S3. It comes with the nicer ‘Glo’ remote, which TiVo sells for $49.99, as well has having a larger drive (250GB vs. 160GB), and a nicer chassis with the OLED display and front panel controls. The only feature the HD has that the S3 currently lacks is M-Card CableCARD support.

However, if you’re considering a pre-expanded TiVo HD, DVRupgrade is offering a free ‘Glo’ remote with the purchase of an expanded TiVo HD. Just use the coupon code ‘REMOTEFALL2007′ during checkout. Furthermore, DVRupgrade has worked with Hitachi to offer a $30 rebate on kits and units using 1TB Hitachi drives. So order a pre-upgraded TiVo with a 1TB drive, or a 1TB upgrade kit to do-it-yourself, and trim $30 off the cost.

Of course, the $199 lifetime transfer offer on the TiVo HD is still running, and DVRupgrade reports that units purchased from them are eligible. So keep that in mind as well.

And if you plan to use the TiVos on a WiFi network, be sure to pick up a TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter for only $37.48.

As always, if you activate a new TiVo and you don’t have someone to use as a referrer, the TiVo Rewards Referrals are appreciated.

And while I’m posting deals, through 11/3 Best Buy has a special promo: Free Toshiba HD-DVD player (shipping extra) with select Toshiba TVs at

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  • Kevin

    Megaman, where did you find this press release from Tivo? I have seen articles galore from various tech sites, but I can’t find an official press release from Tivo. You would think they would promote this a little more, particularly in the financial sector for some “free” pub.