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Thank you Susan

Thank you for the TiVo Rewards Referral, Susan.

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Just two weeks left to transfer lifetime to a TiVo HD

Just a reminder, the Lifetime Transfer offer on the TiVo HD expires Thursday, November 8th, 2007. So you have just two weeks left to make up your mind if you’re considering doing the transfer. Also, remember that it has been … Continue reading

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Amazon Unbox weekly 99-cent sale – and specials

This week’s Amazon Unbox 99-cent sale brings us Blades of Glory, We Are Marshall, The Lives of Others, Perfect Creature, Perfect Stranger, Vacancy, The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Uncut), and HP Lovecraft’s The Tomb. But that’s not all, they’re also … Continue reading

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$399.99 40GB PlayStation3 now available for pre-order on Amazon.com

No, you don’t have deja vu. Yes, I made a very similar post just yesterday. Yesterday I noticed Amazon had a page up where you could sign up to be notified when it was available. Well, today it is. You … Continue reading

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Good deal on a UPS

It is a good idea to put your electronics devices on a UPS – it helps protect them from surges and dirty power, as well as riding out any brownouts or short black outs. I keep all of my entertainment … Continue reading

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