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Priority request page for TiVo 9.2 software is up

The URL is the same as always: http://www.tivo.com/priority This will redirect you to the same page that was used for the 9.1 release, but the language on the page has been updated to cover both 9.1 (still the latest for … Continue reading

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Sony confirms their worst kept secret – 40GB PS3 for $399.99

So, Sony has finally confirmed what we all already knew from the plethora of leaks – they’re releasing a 40GB PS3 with an MSRP of $399.99. The new unit will come bundled with a Blu-ray copy of Spider-man 3, also … Continue reading

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TiVo sponsors the launch of TheDailyShow.com

Well, TiVo seems to be diving into sponsorship head-first. We just heard about their sponsorship of the STA, and now they’re sponsoring the launch of TheDailyShow.com – along with AT&T and Hyundai. TheDailyShow.com is, of course, devoted to The Daily … Continue reading

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Is NetFlix still preparing to fail in the STB market?

Yes, that headline is harsh, but that’s how I feel. Dave Zatz picked up on more info that supports the rumors that NetFlix is still working on a set-top box for movie rentals. This is a long running rumor, which … Continue reading

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TiVo News: A sound announcement, Rhapsody on TiVo!

TiVo’s latest newsletter:

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