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Is NetFlix still preparing to fail in the STB market?

Yes, that headline is harsh, but that’s how I feel. Dave Zatz picked up on more info that supports the rumors that NetFlix is still working on a set-top box for movie rentals. This is a long running rumor, which … Continue reading

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Blockbuster acquires Movielink

There has been a lot of speculation about Blockbuster getting into the movie download business, especially since NetFlix launched their ‘Watch Now’ streaming feature. While the majority of consumers still rent their movies in physical stores, rent-by-mail services, video-on-demand, and, … Continue reading

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Are Best Buy and Blockbuster getting into video downloads?

Ars Technica is reporting that Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer let slip some information that indicates Best Buy and Blockbuster are going to enter the video download market. “We have nearly a dozen active agreements in place for digital delivery of … Continue reading

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Akimbo pulls out of the HW business

Just as we’re hearing about the new ‘Vudu’ set-top box for broadband video, comes word, via Om Malik, that established player Akimbo is pulling put of that market and discontinuing the RCA Akimbo Player. Service to the boxes will be … Continue reading

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Yet another box – VUDU

Gizmodo reported Saturday on a new consumer electronics box launching this summer, VUDU. And now the Sunday New York Times has a long article on VUDU. VUDU looks to be primarily a competitor with AppleTV. It is a small box, … Continue reading

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