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TiVo extends S2/S2DT rebate

TiVo’s last rebate on the S2 and S2DT family expired yesterday, 10/27/2007. But not to fear, today a new rebate goes into effect on units purchased between 10/28/2007 and 1/26/2008, and it is remarkably similar to the last rebate. You … Continue reading

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Best Buy promotions

There are a couple of Best Buy promos running through 11/3 that I thought I’d share. One just because it is an amusing promotional tie-in, the other is actually more useful. So, you’re thinking of buying a nice Samsung HDTV? … Continue reading

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Sub-$200 Toshiba HD DVD deck pricing is contagious

It seems that Wal*Mart is not the only source for sub-$200 Toshiba HD DVD players. Not to be outdone by Wal*Mart’s $198 HD-A2 pricing, Circuit City is pricing the HD-A2 at $197.99. Ars Technica reports that Best Buy is also … Continue reading

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