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There are a couple of Best Buy promos running through 11/3 that I thought I’d share. One just because it is an amusing promotional tie-in, the other is actually more useful.

So, you’re thinking of buying a nice Samsung HDTV? What would go great with that? Well, it seems Best Buy thinks a $400 massage chair would be just the thing! Free massage chair (shipping extra) with select Samsung HDTVs at Now through 11/3. Yep, buy one of 28 different Samsung HDTV models, ranging from 32″ to 63″ in LCD, DLP, and Plasma models, and get a free massage chair. I personally endorse the Samsung HDTVs – at least the DLPs, I have an HL-S6187W and it is fantastic. If I were buying today I’d probably get the HL-T6187S, which is basically a newer version of my set with an LED light source instead of a lamp. But, in any case, I was just amused by the unusual promotional pairing and felt the need to share. It is certainly different from the usual TV stand or Blu-ray/HD DVD/DVD player bundle promos.

On a more useful note, they’re also offering 10% off a wide assortment of DVD players and recorders, and portable DVD players. There are a number of good upscaling DVD players in the list, fairly cheap, and a few DVD recorders. Those may be useful for those of you who want to dump shows off your TiVo to DVD, without messing with TiVoToGo and PC burning software. It seems that as DVRs grow in popularity, standalone DVD burners are getting thinner on the ground. But they have a handful of models on sale: 10% off select DVD players, portables and recorders at Now through 11/3.

See this week’s sale events at

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