Sub-$200 Toshiba HD DVD deck pricing is contagious

It seems that Wal*Mart is not the only source for sub-$200 Toshiba HD DVD players. Not to be outdone by Wal*Mart’s $198 HD-A2 pricing, Circuit City is pricing the HD-A2 at $197.99. Ars Technica reports that Best Buy is also planning a price cut. It is still $229.98 at Amazon, but I won’t be surprised if their pricing drops too. EDIT: Their price dropped, $197.99 with free shipping.

Via EngadgetHD.

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  • Canoehead

    The only problem is, it’s not very good. Puting aside the awful load time, things
    like pausing, FFing, Rewinding, Unpausing etc all have awful latency. Also, the we-connection stuff is flakey
    and updating the hardware over the net is totally hit or miss. Toshiba worked hard to get a player in at this
    price point, and the result was a series of conpromises. I’m a blu-ray fan, though I did buy this player
    for those films that are not out on Blu – and I would say buy the next model up – this just does not have
    the juice to make your HD experience very pleasant. I don’t really care about te 1080i, since my TV
    does a decent job of deinterlacing, but the latency is just awful.

  • megazone

    It is definitely a budget unit, and the only reason they’re selling it so cheap is that it is out of date with the third generation boxes already out.