A new promo from TiVo and Rhapsody

To go along with today’s Rhapsody announcement, TiVo has launched a new promotion. Buy a TiVo HD or Series2DT, sign up for monthly TiVo service, and get three months of free TiVo and free Rhapsody service – and a free refurbished TiVo WiFi adapter.

The 80-hour Series2DT is $99.99 and the TiVo HD is $299.99, then you need a monthly 1-, 2-, or 3-year service plan for $16.95, $14.95, or $12.95, respectively. This special runs from October 9, 2007 through December 31, 2007.

If you plan to use Rhapsody and need to pay monthly for TiVo, this is a decent deal. Note the three free months of Rhapsody are only good for new subscribers, not existing Rhapsody users.

However, if you don’t plan to use Rhapsody or if you can pre-pay for 3-years of service for $299 (which comes to $8.31 a month), that’s much better. You can get the 80-hour S2DT for $50 through October 23 through this affiliate deal, $70 through Big Lots (remember, it was confirmed TiVo does not consider those eligible for rebate), or $86.98 (after rebate) from Amazon.com.

Amazon has the TiVo HD for $249.00.

And the TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter is just $44.99.

You can buy a new TiVo HD and a new WiFi adapter for less than the HD and refurb WiFi bundle. You don’t get the free service – but if you pre-pay 3-years you far more than make up for it. Even if you were silly and went $279 for 2-years instead of $299 for 3-years (really, why would you)? You’d come out ahead compared to the 2-year monthly bundle. At one year the monthly plus the three free months puts it slightly ahead.

So if you can’t swing the pre-payment and want to pay monthly, and you’ll get some use out of Rhapsody, this promo is worth a look.

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  • hdtivo

    I’d like to get the free trial via the new TiVo HDs I bought at Amazon.

    And the $6.95 MSD rate.