$70 80-hour Series2DT from Big Lots – make $80 after rebate

Troy on TiVo found a great deal on 80-hour Series2DT units. If you have a Big Lots store near you (store locator) get over there right now (well, maybe call first) because they’re apparently selling the 80-hour Series2DT for just $70. This is an unadvertised special – not in their fliers or on the website. The best part? There is a $150 rebate on the S2DT, so you’ll *make* $80 on the unit. (Note: Rebates require activation, so buying a bunch of these is no get-rich-quick scheme.)

If you get a new box, the TiVo Rewards Referral is appreciated. Or give it to Troy for finding the deal.

It sounds like stocks are limited, and once word spreads they’ll probably sell out – so don’t wait too long.

EDIT: Looks like it is on the website after all, as a close-out deal.

EDIT: WARNING! READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY! TiVo is now claiming these boxes do not qualify for the rebate – but they don’t explain why.

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  • Dean

    These units are apparently not eligible for the rebate. I just talked to TiVo customer service. Bummer…

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ megazone

    The rebate website pre-qualification form doesn’t complain and allows people to sign-up with these units. Why would they not be eligible? I don’t see anything in the terms of the rebate what would disqualify them, did they give a reason?