Five free Blu-ray Disc offer extended – and Blu-ray is kicking butt in Europe

Back in June I told you about the promotional offer wherein you could get five free movies with the purchase of specific models of Blu-ray player. Well, that offer expired on September 30 – yesterday. In what should be of no surprise to anyone, today there is a new Five Free Blu-ray Movies offer which runs from October 1, 2007 through January 31, 2008. As before, the offer is at

You can select five films from a list of 18, in five groups (you can only pick one per group). Some of the titles carried over from the first promotion, but many are new:

1The PrestigeWild HogsPirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl
2SwordfishSupermanFull Metal Jacket
3Stir Of EchoesAmerican PsychoThe Devil’s Rejects
4The PatriotS.W.A.T.Ultaviolet
5Chain ReactionOmen 666Flight Of The Phoenix
SpeciesHart’s WarThe Last Waltz

Eligible players are:
PlayStation3: CECHA01, CECHE01/98137, CECHG01
Sony Electronics: BDP-S300/301, BDP-S1, BDP-S2000ES, HES-V1000, BDP-S500
Samsung: BD-P1200, BD-P1400, BDP1400C, BD-P2400
Panasonic: DMP-BD10K, DMP-BD10AK, DMP-BD30K
Pioneer: BDP-94HD, BDP-95FD
Philips: BDP9000/37

Interestingly, on the PlayStation3, those are the 60GB and 80GB models – and an as-of-yet unannounced model. There are many rumors swirling that a $399 40GB PS3 will be announced on October 12th as Sony has called a press conference for that day with the promise of a big announcement.

If you submitted the previous offer, you can check on the status of your claim at this site. Thanks to

In other Blu-ray news, in their September 27, 2007 newsletter (PDF) the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) claims that Blu-ray is establishing itself in Europe even more rapidly than predicted. They claim that BD movie sales across Europe are moving ahead of HD DVD sales, and in the UK BD is outselling HD DVD by a margin of 4 to 1 – even better than the 2 to 1 margin in the US.

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