Amazon deals on TiVo HD and Series3

Amazon has dropped the price on the TiVo HD to $249.00. That’s $50.99 off the $299.99 MSRP.

Amazon also has the TiVo Series3 HD for $574.99, $225 off the $799.99 MSRP. PLUS, there is a $200 rebate which brings the cost down to $374.99. That’s less than half the MSRP.

And if you plan to use the unit on WiFi, don’t forget the TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter.

If you get a new box, the TiVo Rewards Referral is always appreciated.

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  • HDTiVo


    I picked up 2 TiVo HDs at $249 – and somehow I got another $8 off each one, so $241. Free shipping.

    I should have tried to buy through you but I’m a bonehead when it comes to knowing how to do that, and whether I’d have gotten the same result on price and using the free prime two day shipping.

    Anyway, is there anything I can do to reward you at this point?

  • HDTiVo

    Do I just enter

    tivo at megazone dot org

    into a field when I sign up for service at the TiVo web site?

  • megazone

    Was that deal through Amazon? Good deal.

    At this point there is nothing you could do to credit the sale to this site. In the future if you’re going to buy something from Amazon, or any of the other affiliate sites, just use the ‘Shop X’ links at the upper right. With Amazon if you enter their site via that link, anything you buy during that visit earns the site credit. I believe even if you put it in your cart and don’t buy it until some later time, it still earns the site credit. And using the referral links doesn’t impact the prices you get.

    As for the TiVo Rewards Referral – yep, during activation there is a box to enter the referral email address. In the conventional format – I write it out that way to help stop spam harvesting by spiders.