A slew of Buy.com deals on PS3, Blu-ray, Xbox 360, HD DVD, and more

I just received a Buy.com affiliate email update on a number of deals they’re currently running, a number of them are worth checking out:

They have several Xbox 360 promotions: Xbox 360 Elite System (120GB HD) Holiday Bundle for $449.99 (expires 1/31/08), Xbox 360 Pro System (20GB HD) Holiday Bundle for $349.99 (expires 12/31/07), and Xbox 360 Arcade System Holiday Bundle for $279.99 (expires 1/31/08). The first two include two free games – Forza 2 Motorsports and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. An Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card is $46.99 through 11/30/07.

And there is the previously posted deal on the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on for $164.99, which includes the free Heroes Season 1 HD DVD, the King Kong HD DVD included with the drive, and five more free HD DVDs. This deal only runs through 11/04/07.

To feed that HD DVD drive, Paramount HD DVDs are on sale through 11/16/07.

On the other side of the format war, they now have the 80GB PlayStation 3 at its new price of $499.99 (expires 1/31/08). That comes bundled with MotorStorm and is eligible for five free Blu-ray movies. The PS3 Blu-ray DVD remote is $26.17 through 12/31/07.

To feed this, Blu-ray titles are on sale through 11/26/07, with other Blu-ray deals through 12/31/07.

And you can save $10 off $200 with this coupon, expiring 11/30/07

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