Win A TiVo Glo Remote

Today’s been kind of, well, blah – so I feel like changing it up. Therefore I’m giving away a TiVo Glo remote – white or black, your choice. The Glo remote works with any TiVo, except the Sony models and the Toshiba SD-H400.

Let’s do this fast – I’ll accept entries until midnight EST tomorrow – that’s Friday, March 14th.

Entering is simple – leave a comment on this post with a link to a previous, non-giveaway, comment you’ve left on the blog – since May 20, 2007. (That’s the first WordPress post.) The time stamp on your comment is the link you need – like this. You can just post the URL, but it is neater if you use HTML links. For those who don’t know HTML, thusly: <a href=”″>like this</a>. Obviously you’d use your comment link URL and not that one. :-)

Also, you MUST enter a valid email address in the email box when you comment. That is how I will contact the winner to get their shipping info. I won’t even consider entries without a valid email address. Don’t worry, they aren’t used for anything else.

The list at the bottom of this page may help you find your old comments.

Good luck! And this just the first commenter giveaway I’ll be doing, a little teaser of things to come.

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