Email from the ‘My TiVo Gets Me’ site

I signed up for the My TiVo Gets Me site when it first went live, and today I received an email from the site, which is below. It seems a little odd to me, since the site felt more targeted to existing owners, but the email is promising future updates on TiVo features such as WishList and Season Pass, which are pretty basic TiVo features.

Say hello to TiVo and goodbye to the way you used to watch TV.


Choose your TiVo® box + service plan.

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Welcome to the incredible world of TiVo!

Thanks for your interest in TiVo. This is the first in a series of four short emails, each highlighting some of the fantastic features and benefits only TiVo can offer.

Simply put, TiVo gives you the freedom to watch your favorite shows any time, anywhere. TiVo automatically finds and digitally records up to 80 hours of programming you want – all while you’re out living life. It’s simple to use, works with any programming source, and you can even pause, rewind and slo-mo live TV!

Coming Up:

Next week we’ll show you some of the unique features TiVo has to offer, like WishList®, Season Passâ„¢ and more.

“We went from ‘Why would we need TiVo’ to ‘How could we ever live without it?’”

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  • Troy

    The way I read it, they will be sending you future emails highlighting those features. They didn’t say those features were going to be improved (or updated). I never signed up for a profile on that site myself, just looked around at it.

  • megazone

    Yeah, that’s how I read it too – which seems a little weird, since I’d expect people who already have TiVo to know about Season Passes and WishLists, unless they’re going to cover some special tricks or something. I would’ve expected more focus on the more advanced features that people often miss, like things that use networking.