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Have you noticed the new TiVo ads yet, maybe on Comedy Central or ESPN? As one who wields a TiVo remote, it wouldn’t surprise me if the answer was no, so I took the liberty of posting this one and that one for your YouTube viewing pleasures. If you were one of the millions that said yes to Spider-Man 3, however, you probably already caught Gene Shalit eating popcorn on screen with his antenna (and yes, I mean that literally).

So here’s what I’m still hoping to see: YOU, on camera, telling us your “My TiVo gets me…” story. Doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to be you and a compelling TiVo tale. Enter the contest by uploading your video (I know some of you already have one, and if you don’t, pick up your video recorder) and you could win a number of cool prize packages, including a TiVo® Series3™ HD box (with the coveted product lifetime service, natch), a 42” plasma screen TV, a home video camera package, a trip to anywhere in the continental USA, tickets to your favorite concert, season tickets to your favorite sports team, and believe it or not, even more.

One final note before I move on to more good stuff below: It’s easier to try on your antenna at MyTiVoGetsMe.com, so if you haven’t already, create your profile so you can resemble the rest of us in this rapidly growing family. And in case you missed it on your TiVo Central screen recently, here’s one more video to inspire.


P.S. With all this TiVo buzz going on, I hope you’re a registered member of the TiVo Rewards program—it’s free and a great way to get cool stuff with very little effort. Just sign up and start earning those TiVo Points. In case you’re already a member, there’s this: We’ve recently added several new juicy rewards items. Have a peek.

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TiVo Rewards

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TiVo Tip: Double Your Now Playing List

Problem: An old friend, a young niece, or let’s say your parents, are coming to stay with you for a week this summer and you’d rather not have them judge you by your Now Playing List. Solution: Create a second “guest-proof” Now Playing List, so your secret obsession with saving 73 episodes of Seinfeld (or whatever entertainment fixation you have) is safe behind a four-digit password. You’ll decide which recordings will be displayed on this screen (which will be your default Now Playing List every time the TV is turned on), and which shows do not. You can also decide which channels can be surfed in this “zone” and which are forbidden. Furthermore, getting in this “zone” will also safeguard your guest from accidentally deleting something you wanted to save forever, so really, everybody wins. But before I tell you how, here’s a dirty, little secret: KidZone doesn’t have to be just for kids.

1.From TiVo Central, select Messages & Settings, then Get TiVo KidZone
2.Use the on-screen menus to create a password and select an age range (if you don’t have kids, select 12 and under)
3.Add or remove any programs or channels you want to make available in live or recorded TV for your guest
4.Rest assured knowing only you have full access to every recording on your TiVo box.

Bottom line: Don’t let the “Kid” in TiVo KidZone fool you. If you’ve ever dreamed of doubling your Now Playing List, this could be your new favorite feature. Try it.

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Amazon Unbox on TiVo

Weekend Movie Sale
May 25-27

Own a movie for the price of a rental by reviewing a rotating list of select Amazon Unbox titles to download directly to your Now Playing List.

Children of Men
The Good Shepherd
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Music and Lyrics
Man of the Year
Also, be sure to check out the Top Selling Movies to Rent and Top Selling Movies to Buy. Find more movies & TV shows to download to your TiVo box at the Amazon Unbox Video Downloads store.

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My TiVo Gets Me… Home Movie Sharing

If Grandma gets it, so can you. Only TiVo service gets you your own private channel to send video montages straight to the television of your family and friends. We had some fun making this one to show you how easy it is to use.

Or for those of you into words, not pictures, you can read more at TiVo.com/Homemovies and OneTrueMedia.com/TiVo.

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The TiVo Card

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TiVo Rewards

EasyCall VoIP Desktop Keyboard

Point Value: 15,000

I’d call this a pretty smart way to spend some TiVo Rewards points.

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewards™ points while you’re at it.

TiVo KidZone Guides—you can find them both online and within the TiVo service—are bursting with quality recommendations for kids. Here’s just one highlight:

Updside Down Show“The Upside Down Show”1
Best for: Preschoolers
Unconventional, zany, and overflowing with learning experiences for your
child. In each episode, Shane and David set out with much fanfare on a
journey to a place they’ve never been. As it turns out, they’ve never
been anywhere! It’s all new to them, whether they’re going to the
airport, the movie theater, or the moon. The brothers invite young
viewers to take charge of an imaginary remote control, fast-forwarding,
rewinding, or pausing them. There are many unexpected buttons as well,
such as the Upside Down Button, the Rotate Button, and even the Itchy
Button, wreaking havoc with the brothers. The imaginary remote becomes a
fun tool to reinforce new vocabulary and relational concepts as children
play along with the show.

For more kid-friendly picks, browse your trusty TiVo KidZone Guides any time.

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TiVo Fan Mail

Here’s a positively divine story from Amy M. in Atlanta, GA: “While my husband and I were going through premarital counseling with our very Irish Catholic priest, we had to take a test with questions about our future spouse. When it came to the question, ‘Do you feel your future spouse watches too much TV?,’ our priest was surprised when we had both answered ‘no.’

We then explained TiVo and how much it had changed our television habits, and how much crap we no longer watched! He was so impressed, we decided he needed TiVo, too.

Now let me explain my priest: He is over 65, and from Ireland and one of the most tech-savvy people we know! When he opened the TiVo [box], he got super excited, as he is a big golfer and most tournaments end on Sundays, so he can’t really watch them when they’re on! Now whenever he sees us, he says in his thick Irish accent, ‘What a lovely couple! I love my TiVo!’ So even Catholic priests can be converted!”

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you.

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TiVo Top 25 Most Recorded Shows & PeopleYour WishList® Search Suggestions Granted…

Bruce F. writes, “I think it would be great if you could dedicate a place where people could let others know some keywords for WishList® searches. I always find it so helpful when you suggest keywords in your newsletter.” (Editor’s reply— Spectacular idea. I am constantly marveled by WishList, which I think is the most under-used, under-rated TiVo feature.)

Keyword WishList® searches

CLEOPATRA Ancient Egyptians are cool.
PILATES Why pay for classes at the gym?
IRAQ, Category, Documentary Get a non-news perspective.

Send me your suggestions.

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