Official TiVo page on DST changes

TiVo has posted an official page addressing the DST changes on their support site.

This is good – but I’m a bit disappointed in TiVo. This is exactly the kind of thing that there should be a TiVo message about on the box. There are going to be countless TiVo users who do not keep track of the online communities but who use the TiVo daily. C’mon TiVo, get a message out to the boxes ASAP! It really should have happened by now, but at least get one out before the change. It is a bit frustrating that TiVo is hit and miss about messages.

EDIT: Well, I say jump and TiVo… OK, no. :-) But, according to a comment, a message *has* appeared on a user’s Series2 tonight so it looks like TiVo has started pushing out messages. So I retract my earlier statement, TiVo just waited a while.

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  • jerronimo

    I *just* got the message on my S2 box..

  • megazone

    I say jump… ;-)

    Seriously, good to know.

  • mattsledge

    I got the message on both of my boxes today.

  • megazone

    Cool, good to know the messages are going out.

  • mattsledge

    True that – but I was expecting a message a little bit earlier than three days before this event.

    FWIW, my boxes are a Series2 and Series2DT.

  • maeglin73

    Well, with an update just recently going out, it would seem like this would be a fairly obvious thing for them to prepare the boxes for.

  • gibbie69

    Actually, the closer to the event the better. There’s nothing that users have to do, they just have to be aware. If you tell people too earlier out, they’re going to forget. I know people that didn’t even know that DST was coming early until like, this week. So it makes sense to push this message now.

    I got mine last night.

  • mdyesowitch

    I got an email about my Series 1 box.

  • megazone

    But no message on the box?

  • shadoh

    I just got the message on my Series 1 DirecTiVo box last night. The message was dated 3/7 but it didn’t show up until sometime Saturday/Sunday 3/10-11. The kicker? It doesn’t have the right version yet (supposed to have 3.5a, and I just have 3.5). So, currently, the time is wrong on my TiVo. But, Season Pass recordings still record correctly (verified last night that Battlestar Galactica recorded). I always have the phone cord plugged in so no idea why I haven’t received it (yet?). I’m not too worried about it, but it’s disappointing that 1) they didn’t plan far enough in advance to allow the patch to install everywhere, and 2) that they waited until practically the last minute to send out the message. It could have a lot to do with DirecTV, but apparently it’s happening to Standalone units also. I’m debating whether to force a call to see if I get the update, or just wait it out (next scheduled call is this this week anyway). Probably the latter…