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TiVoCast stitches up Quilters TV

E. Stephen Mack let us know Quilters TV is the latest channel to join the TiVoCast lineup. Yes, it is a channel all about quilting. Not my thing, but I’m sure someone will be enthralled by it. You can subscribe … Continue reading

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Hack the Neuros OSD and TiVo, make up to $3500

DVRUpgrade and Neuros are co-sponsoring two bounties for hackers. The goal is to get the Neuros OSD to inter-operate with TiVo so that the Neuros would record the same content as the TiVo, so you’d have ready-to-run copies for mobile … Continue reading

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This week’s Amazon Unbox sale

This time around Amazon Unbox is having a sale on hit movie rentals for $1.99 and up. Ocean’s 13 and Even Almighty for $1.99, Deck The Halls for $2.49, and The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, … Continue reading

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Some Interesting Details on the Tuning Resolver for SDV

Following up on the recent Tuning Resolver solution for SDV announcement, Mari Silbey at Connected Home 2 G0 used her connections inside Motorola to dig up more details. And they are certainly interesting details – some highlights: Motorola starting working … Continue reading

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Thank You Robert

Robert, thank you for the donation of TiVo Rewards points.

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