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Blu-ray.com covers the Blu-ray Festival

Earlier this week the Blu-ray camp held a ‘Blu-ray Festival’ press event, and Blu-ray.com was in attendance. They’ve started posting their write-ups of the events. An Introduction, the BDA Breakfast, Fox Studios, and an exclusive interview with Pixar’s Brad Bird … Continue reading

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Kmart is not going HD DVD exclusive

After a number of reports appeared in the press over the past couple of days that Kmart would be selling Toshiba HD DVD players exclusively, and not carrying any Blu-ray players – aside from the PS3 – Kmart was moved … Continue reading

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PodShow makes it official, issues press release about TiVoCast support

Yesterday I reported that PodShow had finally landed on TiVoCast after weeks of rumors. Today they made it official with a press release announcing the feature and confirming what was previously reported. They also imply that there will be more … Continue reading

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Sony is ramping up PS3 marketing

Is this meta-marketing? Sony dropped a press release today to announce their new marketing effort for the PS3. Unsurprisingly the campaign is based on the triad of the new $400 40GB PS3, Blu-ray support, and the new PS3 game titles … Continue reading

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Thank you Stephen and William

A thank you to both Stephen and William for their donations of TiVo Reward Referral points.

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