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EngadgetHD: Hands on with HD TTG & MRV

Following up on his Series3 & TiVo HD comparison, EngadgetHD’s Ben Drawbaugh has done a hands-on review of Multi-Room Viewing and TiVoToGo with HD content on the TiVo Series3. Check it out.

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Viral on Veoh joins the TiVoCast lineup

Veoh’s Viral channel “is an internet television channel with programming geared toward internet television producers and their viewers.” On Thursday TiVo’s E. Stephen Mack announced this channel is now available via TiVoCast. As always, you can subscribe via the TiVoCast … Continue reading

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Roxio and TiVo confirm TiVoToGo troubles on the Mac

Since the 9.1/9.2 software update hit, some Mac-using TiVo owners have experienced troubling using Roxio Toast 8 or Popcorn 3 for TiVoToGo. Dave Zatz dug into the issue and received a confirmation from both TiVo and Roxio that they are … Continue reading

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TiVo: Cable DVR software “much easier said than done”

Broadcast Newsroom has a new article on TiVo’s software development efforts for Comcast, which shed some light on the lengthy development process. “The idea was” if you could somehow take a generic [set-top] box and download the TiVo software over … Continue reading

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