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Monsoon Multimedia Announces HAVA Titanium HD

Monsoon has released another HAVA variant – the HAVA Titanium HD. It seems to be an updated version of the HAVA Platinum HD, with the addition of USB ports. They also bundle a USB 802.11g WiFi adapter with the unit … Continue reading

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A deal on the PS3 – from Dell?

Yep, Dell is offering a deal on the PS3. You get the new 40GB PS3 for the same $399.99 you’d pay elsewhere, and it includes the Spider-man 3 Blu-ray as elsewhere, but the Dell deal also includes the game Ratchet … Continue reading

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TiVoToGo, TiVoToComeBack, and Multi-Room Viewing FAQ for the Series3 and TiVo HD

User bkdtv over at TiVoCommunity.com has compiled and posted a great FAQ about TTG, TTCB, and MRV on the Series3 and TiVo HD, which were recently enabled. It is worth a read if you’re an S3/HD owner who uses these … Continue reading

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Time is running out on lifetime transfers – and the TiVo HD is just 35,000 rewards points

First of all – tomorrow, Thursday. November 8, 2007, is the last day to take advantage of the lifetime transfer offer on the TiVo HD. You must purchase your TiVo HD by tomorrow, and then complete the lifetime transfer by … Continue reading

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