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WeaKnees Blog Talks DirecTV HD DVRs

The WeaKnees Blog has posted an overview of the different DVR options to use with DirecTV HD, the HR10-250 (TiVo), HR20 (NDS) and HR21 (NDS) DVRs. It is a pretty good write-up, but there are a couple of mistakes, or … Continue reading

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A Video Tour Of The Comcast TiVo Interface

Steve Garfield has posted another video, this time he’s filmed a bit of a tour of the Comcast TiVo interface as he explores the various functions. The video is just over five minutes long, and a decent tour for those … Continue reading

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Watch Nearly Any Video Podcast On Your TiVo

Alex at TiVo Blog has written up a nice guide on how to watch nearly any video podcast on your TiVo, given a Windows PC, TiVo Desktop Plus, and iTunes. He’s also posted a video of the process:

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Thank you Matthew

Thank you for the TiVo Rewards Referral Matthew!

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Woot: $69.99 Refurbished Slingbox AV

Today’s Woot deal is a $69.99 Refurbished Slingbox AV, plus $5 for shipping. Like all Woot deals, it is for a very limited time, and when it is sold out the deal is gone. So don’t wait if you want … Continue reading

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